11 August 2011

Looters vs LOOKers - #LookShowWSC

I could talk all day about how much the LOOK blogging competition would mean to me if I won. I could ramble on for hours at how much writing means to me, and that I’m proud of my blog no matter what. However, as much as fashion is the most important interest I have, there is another side to me…

Journalism. Hard-hitting journalism. (Bare with me here!) You see, fashion is a big part of general life, even in major stories that hardly mention clothes or accessories. People will ALWAYS notice what people wear and judge them for it. It’s the standard case of ‘judging books by their covers’. We all do it at some stage in our lives, we can’t deny it!

During the last few days, we have seen some of the worst rioting this country has faced in many years. London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol… They’ve all been targeted and partly destroyed. And by who?

Guys in baggy jeans that are hanging on for dear life, hooded tops, trainers and scarves, whilst the girls are in tracksuit bottoms, vest tops, hooded tops and trainers. Looking through photos of people, their trends in fashion have not changed one bit. Where’s the colour? The variations of tops? Coloured jeans perhaps? Unfortunately, people do judge books by their covers, and the riots definitely haven’t changed the views against them. Of course, there will be people who dress similarly but have no relation to the riots, and good on them! It’s just a shame that they will possibly be blacklisted; because someone will presume they were one of the looters who helped themselves to a TV in Currys.

I’m from a town called Kidderminster. It’s around 40 minutes away from Birmingham, and it’s stacked full of people who are styled up in the newly named ‘looting gear’. I’m not claiming anyone from Kidderminster was involved in the riots, as I don’t have a clue (remember this is purely a fashion post ;)). We have a New Look, NEXT and a TK Maxx. Our Topshop and Dorothy Perkins are closing very soon, which will then probably be used to extend Poundland. I wish I were joking.

I want to show my hometown the ways of fashion and style. I don’t want this place to completely disappear and the town centre losing the rest of our decent shops. I want to reignite the passion of clothing and accessories. I want to save them from shopping at Sports Direct and share how being fashionable doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. It’s accessible for EVERYONE – and sometimes we all need a little bit of a nudge in the right direction. We all want an opinion before we wear something. My friends have previously called me the female version of Gok Wan and Worcestershire’s version of Carrie Bradshaw, and I want to carry on what I’m doing.

Not only do we need to stand up to these looters, we also need to show them the light. After all, any idea of fashion would have helped Miss Selfridge in Manchester to be safe! Surely? This guy started getting the right idea…

… but it was a bit late due to the fact he’d already stolen them. The man to the right of him has the right idea for style though, with the 'don't mess with me' facial expression going on.

I’m a firm believer that what you wear is a visual stance on your personality and your feelings. I dress up nicely as much as I can so I always feel good about myself and go about my day in a positive mood. However, if I’m dressed down or wearing black, my mood drops to the ground. I didn’t see one whisper of colour whilst I was glued to the television watching the riots. Whether that’s because they planned to go all dark, I don’t know, but if they had a splash of colour in their outfits, maybe their moods would have been different that day (okay, so I’m being na├»ve now!)

My blog has been advertised in my hometown before, and if I manage to persuade one person to change their style then my work here is done (although I’d still keep blogging as I LOVE it). I’ve been blogging for nearly 8 months now and I haven’t looked back. I’ve learnt so much already but I’m still constantly learning about the ways of styling. I didn’t win tickets to attend The Look Show last season, so the opportunity of being there in September would be beyond my wildest dreams. Writing is the career I want, especially if it has anything to do with fashion. Kidderminster would be proud of me (even if I do stick out like a sore thumb in my outfit choice whilst walking through the town on a Thursday, named 'market day') and it would help people open their eyes to the amazing outfits available to them. LOOK Magazine isn’t scared of colour, and we all need to embrace it. It’s a mood changer and Britain would be a much brighter place. Being a finalist would open the door to my future career that is currently bolted shut (I’ve tried kicking it down a few times… I’m considering using a hair grip to get in now).

I know this post could be classed as a bit ‘controversial’, but I was determined to do something different and creative… And I have a lot more ideas to come if I was given the chance to showcase them. I should be on that glorious front row of The Look Show, not only for that once in a lifetime chance, but to help others who live in a pretty broken (and financially broke) town who need the boost that will help them realise how fashion isn’t scary and anyone can pull it off. Plus, I want to do some celebrity spotting! (Did I ruin the conclusion? I think I just did... Just throwing it out there.)

(CCTV riot photos via Metro)

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