07 August 2011

Simple's Kind to Eyes Revitalising Roll On

Sainsburys had an offer on around a month ago - 2 for £7 on Simple products. (Not sure if that offer was anywhere else?!) I love Simple products. I've forever used expensive face washes and cleansers (Clinique being the most popular for me), but Simple has helped me realise that not ALL cheap products are bad for your skin. As I've mentioned before, my face is pretty dodge and I have to be careful to check it's not drying and I have to avoid anything perfumed. Once I notice this offer, I jumped at the chance to stock up on a couple of things.

I chose the soothing facial toner and the revitalising eye roll on. I'm going to do a separate post about the toner, once I've sorted my skin care regime post out ;)

I've always found eye roll ons very useful to have with you. However, majority I have used in the past are meant to be kept in the fridge up until you want to use it. Now, I don't know about you, but I always forget it exists if I have to put it in the fridge!

This new roll on by Simple doesn't need to be in there. Already a WIN in my opinion. You can keep it wherever and it'll still keep the same cooling and refreshing feel as it had to begin with. I love this as I can carry it in my handbag everywhere I go. If my eyes are stinging, or I'm feel too tired to function, I can use it there and then without worrying it's lost all use.

All you do is just roll it below your eye - it reduces puffiness and relaxes you, so your eyes and skin no longer feel tired. It feels amazing, yet doesn't seem like any product has even gone on your skin. It's very subtle but works a treat! It doesn't make your eyes look amazingly big and gorgeous, but it does help make you feel and look a bit more awake. You know what say, however you feel reflects on how you look - so slap some of this stuff on your eyes, and because it revitalises and nourishes your delicate eye area, you'll feel much better and therefore look much better!

Have you tried the revitalising eye roll on? Got any other Simple products you want to recommend?


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Emily said...

I'm always too sceptical and assume slightly obscure ideas like these are always rubbish so I'm glad you've cleared it up and shown it's actually good. Might have to get one to wake my eyes up in the mornings xx

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