20 August 2011

start of something new

All Topshop!
Nails: Nails Inc nail polish in Tate & Barry M Shatter polish in Black

Mixed it up a little bit with a sleeveless shirt and checkered skirt today. I don't wear this skirt that much but it's definitely the comfiest skirt I own. I'm in the house today doing chores and trying to tick things off my to-do list (once I've actually written it...) so I haven't accessorised at all today. I didn't see any point in doing so, and this post wouldn't be real if I threw on a necklace and a couple of rings just for the purpose of two photos! I do like simplicity occasionally.

I have, however, accessorised my hands by sticking on some false nails and painting them. They still need tidying up... And I feel a bit like a goth with black and red nails! I don't care though, as I haven't used my Barry M shatter polish in a while. I also found this Nails Inc polish at the bottom of my make-up case today, which I haven't used in years! I love it when that happens.

I've decided I really need to start looking after myself from now on. I've 'let myself go' a little bit, therefore no longer toned, my skin is a bit bleurgh and I've lost all motivation for my future career. I've woken up today and have been sorting my life out ever since. It's nice to feel productive for once!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


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Cherry said...

Love your outfit!

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