11 September 2011

Atrixo Enriched Hand Cream

My hands have started to become pretty dry. oh no, winter's coming! I'm not one to use hand cream that often... Saying this makes me sound even more like a beauty newb. Do I use any products?! YES. I used to own a freebie of L'Occitane's hand cream. It was the Fleur Cherie cream, which was absolutely gorgeous to use but the smell put me off. I don't like skin products that have a perfume smell... and this one was very strong indeed! Flower overload.

During a recent trip to Sainsburys, I found myself in the cosmetics aisle looking for various hand care creams. There were so many to choose from, including the obvious choices of Nivea and Neutrogena. I wanted to try something new and my mom mentioned Atrixo. I've never heard of this brand before, but apparently it's been for a good few years (and when I mean a few, I mean a lot). Because of this, I believe it's a product that has done it's job well to keep people's hands feeling soft and smooth, and has a well-deserved spot in the shop aisles for more years to come. However, I wanted to test out my theory...

Small enough to fit in your handbag, yet easy to get hold of (the round tub is just easier to find than a travel-size tube!), it really didn't fail my expectations. With added chamomile (an ingredient that I love), my hands constantly feel really moisturised after use. You only need to use a small amount, and the fact you can choose the quantity of what you want to use is great as none goes to waste.

The smell is very subtle so I barely notice it. Once applied, it sinks into your skin very quickly so your hands are nourished and without the sticky feeling that cream sometimes gives you. It will last me a long time and will definitely have a spot in my handbag!

Have you tried/heard of Atrixo? What hand creams do you recommend?


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Anonymous said...

The atrixo cream is my fave hand cream, also recommended by my mum! Not oily and a quick soaker lol


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