23 September 2011

ELF's 32 Eyeshadow Collection - Everyday Brights

Within my last ELF haul, I quickly snapped up their 32 eye colour palette called Everyday Brights. This was a limited edition set, which I can no longer find on their website. It's got every standard colour you would need, so I figured it was a great investment at £9 considering I can't afford to stock up on various eyeshadow palettes that only focus on certain shades. One day...

hello me! ^^

At first glance, I loved the look of the palette. A lovely matte black case, with 'eyes lips face' printed on the front, which I feel is a much more professional and sophisticated choice. It is purely an 'eyes' thing though. It also has a horizontal mirror to help you apply the eyeshadow wherever you are - very useful!

The colours themselves were hit and miss. The bright and dark colours are very pigmented and show up beautifully. However, the more subtle shades are not very pigmented and may need numerous application in order to achieve the look/shade you want. If you use a wet brush, it does create a better effect, so all is not lost. All eyeshadow shades are plastered in shimmer, so you do get the odd speck or five of glitter on your face. I'm not a fan of glitter at all so I do have to be careful in order to avoid having a sparkly face.

For £9, it is worth the money in my opinion, especially with the choice of colours you get. They don't fade me throughout the day either (well, the brighter colours don't). If you use an eyelid primer, or a wet brush as mentioned earlier, even the subtle colours would last and show up all day. It's a lovely little investment if you ask me and I'm so glad I caught it before it disappeared off the virtual shelves!

However, I have just noticed you can get your hands on two different palettes - brights and naturals. My palette is a mix of both, but I think it's a great idea that ELF have released two separate ones with even more delightful shades! They're only £6 each which is even more of a bargain and staple piece to your make-up collection! Have a look here.


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