22 September 2011

Got to love a bit of Models Own (the overdue 50% haul post!)

So you may have heard about a certain 50% off sale onModel's Own website recently, and I jumped at the chance at buying something. The sale itself was absolutely insane. Everyone was stressed out that their choices would be out of stock if they didn't buy within the first hour of the sale. This caused the website to crash pretty much throughout the day. In all honesty, it was pretty funny to read all the comments on the Facebook page from many girls freaking out about it. It got to the point where I had to tell them to shut up and relax - if it wasn't for Model's Own, this sale wouldn't be happening, so get a grip!" kind of thing ;)

bad lighting - whoops!

All this came to around £15 including postage. Considering the polishes are normally £5 each and the pen is £6, I saved quite a lot of money so I was very happy! I didn't want to overdo it and order more, because let's face it, I don't have real nails at the moment, only falsies. Therefore, there's no point in me owning loads of colours when I can't change the colour everyday with ease!

Champagne - I'm not one for glitter, so this was the next best thing to try

Top Turquoise - a blogger favourite (had to see what the rave was about!)

Lilac Dream - I thought the colour looked beautiful and one I've never used before

Lemon Meringue - yellow is my favourite colour, need I say more?

First coat ^^

Second coat ^^

Again, the lighting isn't great. The daylight reflected on the nails, but without the light it was too dark for the colours to show... You can tell I'm not a pro at photography. Anyway, after two coats I noticed that all the colours were pretty striking and vibrant. The Champagne polish was sparkly, but subtle compared to the glittery versions you can buy. I actually think it's one of my favourites now - I love how my nails shimmer with it on, yet your eyes aren't completely drawn to it. I can also see why Top Turquoise is such a hit - the colour is so eye-catching! The last two are such cute summery shades - I think these would make me happier during winter, as I'll keep a bit of sunshine with me!

As for the nail pen... You can see that my first delivery included a faulty brush. Devastated! I always wanted to own a nail pen but never got round to spending £6 on one (even though that's not an extortionate price... I'm just a cheapskate). After getting in touch with Model's Own, they promptly sent me a replacement and it arrived very quickly - very impressed!

Yes, my nail art skills need some serious working on. I'm actually embarrassed with publishing that photo, but hey ho, I couldn't be bothered to redo it and it shows me being honest! I'm no artist! I definitely can use the thin pen easier than the brush, as you have more control over it... but overall I will definitely need a lot of practice!

I'm so glad I purchased these nail polishes. It took a fair while to decide, especially since it's harder to judge what they will look like from a website. My favourites are definitely Champagne and Lilac Dream. The shine you get from Champagne is gorgeous - even the lighting doesn't ruin the look of it, if anything it enhances the shimmer. As for Lilac Dream, it was exactly what I expected. Since getting these, I have worn them constantly and can easily say that none of them chipped and they dry pretty quickly, which is exactly what Models Own is known for - great quality polishes at decent prices!

Do you like Models Own? What's your favourite shade?


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emmasharman said...

absolutely love the turquoise and the lemon colour! I can see me spending my wages on these beauties!

Em xx

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