21 September 2011

London Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2012

I'm not going to ramble on so much about London Fashion Week, purely because there are so many bigger (and better) publications and blogs out there that:
1. have covered each show from the inside and out.
2. literally attended LFW. I didn't.

Of course, I have been catching up with LFW, but I definitely won't claim that I have researched and looked at every single photo from each show. I missed the live feeds because I'm stupid and forgot it existed until the shows ended. Damn it. I also won't say that I'm majorly bothered about seeing each designer and their new creations... I'm a high street girl at heart. That said, there are a few designers that I do follow for each season and will continue to do so. I thought I'd share the select few today...

If you don't know me already, then you won't know that I have a lot of love for Vivienne Westwood. Her Red Label show was on Saturday (17th) and one that I definitely regret missing. Her unique designs still haven't changed, with the emphasis on suit adaptations, Grecian draping, minimal splashes of colour (with the exception of their make-up) and HUGE hair styles. I would absolutely love to go to work (when I get a job, that is) in one of these outfits.

I do love Henry Holland but never really followed his work before... Apart from his collection in Debenhams, but that is a far cry from what his House of Holland show presented on Saturday. I absolutely love anything with a collar, along with his use of pastel colours an animal prints. The collection features a variety of shirts, bleached denim (with a cloud-like effect - love it!) and suspenders.

The Mulberry show pulled out all the stops - the show itself was enough to feast your eyes on, let alone the collection! Obviously, woe is me, I have no photos to show you of it, but imagine yourself in a world full of ice cream, balloons and Kate Moss and you're pretty much there. Oh, and Kristen Stewart, but I don't like her that much. Pastels, nudes and delicate embellishments featured along the catwalk in an array of anoraks, floaty maxi dresses and skirts, their beloved bags and even a dog to match!

The master of all prints, Mary Katrantzou won me over again. Her dresses are more fitted this time round, some of which have the added effect of loose chiffon floating behind... Kind of like a tail. (You can tell I'm no expert in fashion design, but that's what it reminds me of!) A mixture of colours, shapes and patterns are used, there's an outfit for any mood going. I'm loving the shift dresses and the top/trouser combos.

What did you think of LFW? Are you looking forward to next Spring/Summer?

Photos via Style.com

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