01 September 2011

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner

When it comes to eyeliner, I've always used Rimmel's soft khol pencil in black. I can only use eye pencils with ease, and Rimmel's version was nice and cheap - well suited to my strict student budget!

I have tried liquid eyeliner before, but never got used to it. The brush went everywhere, the product would bleed into the corners of my eyes and it took me 5 minutes to clean it all up and achieve the perfect look. After numerous attempts, I went back to the pencil.

A while ago, I mentioned ELF's mineral eyeliner, which I started to love using in replacement to my beloved Rimmel. However, after getting to the point where it started to snap, and I was losing more product after each use (I wasn't rough using it - honest), I was back on the hunt for the perfect eyeliner.

Enter Maybelline's new Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner.

I am actually amazed by this eyeliner. I always wondered about gel liner, and previously considered buying MAC's fluid line. However, due to money, I never got round to it... But even without comparing them, I can still say that Maybelline is the perfect alternative.

With a brush given with the liner, I found it was quite sturdy and straight, which I liked. Most eye liner brushes bend to the shape of your eyelid, which I guess is meant to make life easier for you. It makes it a lot harder for me, so the fact that this brush doesn't bend means I'm able to treat it similar to a pencil and apply it where I want with ease.

The liner itself lasts all day. I find it's quite a mission to remove - so much so, rubbing my eyes does hurt a little bit. I guess that's a negative, but 30 seconds worth of suffering is worth it after a full day of not needing to reapply it. My eyes aren't sensitive to the liner and they don't react after I've removed it completely, so all in all I don't mind that factor.

The black is dark enough and strong - I tend to use a thin line during the day and slightly thicker on a night out. Either way, it definitely helps bring out my eyes (I do love my big eyes) and doesn't make me look/feel like a bit of a goth.

Overall, I think I've changed my mind from eye pencils and will stick with this gel liner for a while. I'm very impressed with it and believe it's well worth the money!

You can buy this liner for £7.99 at any stores that sell Maybelline, I'm guessing. I bought mine in Boots... Just so you know ;)

Have you tried this gel liner? What kind of eye liner do you use/recommend?



Jessica said...

I've been thinking about buying this but someone said no because the Mac is better. But, to be honest it looks great on you! And as it is a fraction of the price I am defo going to get it! And as I never used the Mac in first place I don't know what I'm missing thus I won't be negative about it! haha.
I just LOVE reading your blog - its my pick-me-up of the day :)

Cherry said...

I have this but can't seem to get a nice smooth line with it!

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

This gives such a perfect line!

Helen, X

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