18 September 2011

My first GlossyBox! The September issue (featuring HD Brows palette)

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I was eagerly awaiting for my first ever GlossyBox to arrive... I got to the point of impatience, which I hate being! Now I have it, I can easily say I'm so happy with what I received!

If you don't know what GlossyBox is (which I know some of my readers won't), it's a monthly subscription where you pay £10 (plus £2.95 postage). You then get a box in the middle of each month filled with 5 luxury samples. Occasionally, you find a full-sized product in there, but sample-wise you always receive enough so you have a decent try. You also fill out a profile when you've signed up, so some products can match your skin/hair type.

I was always a bit wary signing up for a box, especially since it's had some mixed reviews now and again. In my eyes, it's a surprise at the end of the day and not all products will suit everyone. However, if a couple of products don't suit you, the other 3 will more than likely equal or is more than £10, so you get your money's worth!

I knew what to expect with the packaging after previous reviews, and it didn't disappoint. Wrapped up in tissue and tied up with some ribbon, it was a shame to open to be honest. It felt very much like Christmas whilst opening the box, which is always a lovely feeling! Another thought is that I expected the box to be a bit bigger. I don't really know why, but it was just smaller than I thought - maybe it's because of the photos I have seen make the box look bigger. It was definitely big enough to fit all the products in and still is a decent size. I'm going to keep the box and use it for storage, as it's too nice to get rid of it!

The Kimia facial system is completely new to me - not just the brand name either, the whole concept. These testers consist of an all natural facial oil and a hydra-activator. The idea is to use them after you've cleansed and toned your face. Apply the oil first, followed by the hydra-activator and you'll head towards velvety smooth skin. I've had a quick go at this routine, and I can say that my skin did feel pretty smooth afterwards, but whether it's more smooth than my normal moisturiser, I won't know until I've tried it more. I can say that the facial oil didn't feel oily on my skin (but was a bit messy) and the hydra-activator feels light but refreshing - the system did soak into my skin easily to 'work it's magic'. So far, so good. The price is pretty hefty though - £69 for the two full-sized products! I'd only consider buying it if I was 110% certain this was the best thing for my face!

I'm very excited to try out this body scrub. I've always used body scrub and/or an exfoliating glove in the shower, but this scrub is to use on dry skin then washed off afterwards. Whatever is in the packet is very squidgey, but you can really feel just how much sea salt is in there - definitely wasn't stingy like some tubed products. It's made with dead sea salts, vitamin E and coconut oil - a brilliant mix to help you on our way to silky soft skin. I really hope it matches up to my expectations.

My hair is always very dry at the ends (even before I ombred it blonde) and gets damaged pretty quickly. I've been starting to use an intensive conditioner to help sort it until my next hair cut, but I'm very intrigued to see if this will work better. It smells absolutely gorgeous, and it's designed to make a difference to both the texture and appearance of your hair. As all conditioners do, it claims to leave your hair 'shiny, healthy and manageable'. Well, we'll just see about that...

This perfume is a bit like Marmite - not as in the smell of it! Some people love it and some hate it. I don't mind it. After a couple of tries, I reckon I will like it. It's got a strong floral scent to it, mixed with fruits (well, there's a reason it's called Plum) and it might seem a bit 'older' for my liking. It'll be very useful to carry in my handbag though when I need to redo my perfume, especially on a night out or something.

The product that everyone has been raving about. I'll be honest, I never really knew about HD Brows before - my best friend was talking about how she wants her eyebrows done by them, but again I didn't have the foggiest what she was on about (sorry Jess! haha). After getting this in the GlossyBox, and reading up a bit about it, I was pretty damn excited. I've been using ELF's Eyebrow Kit for a while, so doing my brows has been part of my make-up routine for a few months now. I tried it out the night I got it and Jess (my best friend) complimented my eyebrows and was amazed that it was by the HD palette. I was amazed by the outcome as well and was very easy to use! The palette I got was 'Bombshell', which is for blondes. I'm a brunette but my eyebrows aren't too dark - the colours (especially the bottom two together) worked perfectly.

There are a lot of products featured in GlossyBox each month that you wouldn't have heard of, but this is why GlossyBox is such a great idea. It introduces new brands to you to try, that you wouldn't give a second look if you walked past it on the shelf. If these products suit me then I will remember them for the future. Like I said earlier though, I do love the contents so far. I was able to keep it a secret and not look at any reviews beforehand, so I wouldn't be disappointed. I'm going to keep an open mind about this box and remember that the whole reason behind it is for us to try out new things. They are samples after all!

I'll be reviewing these products properly in due course... I might do a review just before the next GlossyBox is released, so I've got just under a month to try them all out!

Have you tried GlossyBox? If not, will you be signing up next month?


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Cherry said...

I recently cancelled my subscription to the Glossybox. The HD brow kit is probably the best product but I'm not sure I'd even use it!

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