19 September 2011

Primark Clothing Haul

Primark striked again! The Bristol store, in particular, was my idea of cheap clothing heaven. Just wow. Anyway, I had to share with you my recent purchases... Never in my life did I think Primark deserved it's own clothing post, but like I said, it's really impressing me lately. If it continues down this road, it's going to see more of my wages in it's tills, I tell you!

The dress. As in THE. DRESS. I'm talking about my graduation here. With the striking pink collar and cuffs, slightly daring cut at the front with a pleated black skirt to finish, I fell in love with it as soon as my eyes clasped sight of it. At £23, this number is part of Primark's Limited Edition range. I found it in Bristol but haven't seen it elsewhere. I usually shop in the Merry Hill store (near Dudley, as it's closest to home) but the day this collection will enter that store will be the day... I don't even know what day. When time stands still?! Meaning it will NEVER HAPPEN. Depending on my shoe choice (as you have to style your outfit around your shoes... right?!) this dress is a decent contender for me to wear at my graduation in November. The long sleeves are perfect as it'll be cold (I'll be in Sheffield!) and the length is long to keep my modesty intact, whilst looking smart and sophis. (:

For £10, I couldn't resist stocking up on a new winter warmer. It's chunky, comfortable and long, as I always have trouble with jumpers being short so my midriff is bloody freezing within 5 minutes. The colours mean it will go with pretty much anything I team it with. I do struggle to find good, cheap jumpers to wear when it's cold but I know this will do the trick nicely.

I know I'm late joining in on this trend, but better late than never! I did feel a bit like Jesus though (controversial statement alert!) - the structure of it meant I had the plastic thorns digging into my head and it hurt. I got a lot of looks when I wore it for the first time, but I did like wearing it. For once, a headband actually stayed on my head the whole time - for some reason, stretchy headbands tend to move on my head and then just fling itself off and across the room! I love the lilac and daisies all around it - keeping a bit of summer with me!

I saw this hat on a promo video featured on This Morning and I knew I had to buy it. For £6 (or was it 7? Oops), this fluffy hat will keep my head toasty and warm when it's cold. It covers your head a lot, so it does reach down to cover your ears, which I love. My mum said my grandmother used to wear hats just like this one. I love how fashion isn't new, it's just renewing different eras! Seriously. I also adore the deep purple shade - will definitely add some colour into an outfit! This was also part of the Limited Edition collection, and they also sell it in a turquoise/blue shade.

This cardigan was £12 and is so beautiful in my eyes. This chunky knit cream cardi, with 'washing up' sleeves (you may know them as 3/4 sleeves), is a great addition to the winter wardrobe. It's thick enough to keep you warm, yet it's small enough to just add to an outfit and still look classy. It's definitely one of my favourite cardigans - most that I own are thin or itchy, but this one is so comfortable and goes with pretty much anything due to the colour. I bought a size bigger, as I found my regular size did fit me but looked small and silly when fastened up.

Have you been to Primark recently? What have you thought about the new A/W range?



Penny and Lola said...

I actually LOVE that jumper , I cant believe it was only £10 ! I am going to be on the look out for that ! xx

Michelle said...

That dress is gorgeous, can't imagine it would suit me, but you'll look lovely in it for grad (: Might have to pop into Primark for the first time in months and pick up that jumper, it's so cute. xx

xXxStundonxXx said...

Arrghghh I love it and need it all!!
I never even knew Primark did a limited edition range, the dress is amazing!!!
I also need the jumper!
Fab haul xx

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