15 September 2011

Primark jewellery haul

You may have seen these before on various photos, but I wanted to show you what I bought from the jewellery section from Primark properly, especially since my collection seems to be growing after every visit. Primark is starting to really impress me lately, whilst finding myself falling in love with the Bristol store. One word: WOW. I used to buy jewellery from there during university, but every time I wore a bracelet or a ring, my skin would turn a dirty greeny colour and the item itself looks pretty battered. That put me off buying anything Primarni for a long long time. Cue 2011, and my mind has changed.

I still haven't got over my bracelet disaster, but I've decided to give it another shot since noticing various pieces that I really wanted to own, including these...

£6 for these three items?! SIX POUNDS!

I noticed this ring being worn by another blogger and knew there and then that I needed it in my life. It's so different, and has a vintage look to it. Close up, the deer looks pretty damn scary, and the antlers will cause sufficient damage if I ended up in a fight (which is probably never, but will be useful for any self defending on a night)! I stupidly wore this once and my middle finger had a beautiful green ring marking around it... and have since painted clear nail polish inside and outside the ring and it's stopped that from happening. Happy days!

These earrings remind me of totem poles, and I used to be pretty interested in those as a kid. Is it just me or can you see faces in each triangle? Especially the middle one - he's got a lovely moustache going on!

As from today, my baby niece Lotte absolutely LOVES this necklace. As do I. She was playing with it (and strangling me in the process) all afternoon, so I'm rather pleased she 1. likes my jewellery, and 2. is blatantly going to become a future fashionista. This is where Aunty Dani comes into good use! ;) But anyway, I've seen these kind of necklaces going around for ages, and never been bothered about them. I'm not sure why I changed my mind with this one... Probably because it's just plain cream with minimal detailing at the top and bottom. Makes a nice and simple statement to an outfit.

A new purchase from yesterday (as the previous three were bought a few weeks ago) and another to add to my 3D animal collection. I do love owls, and this one will be my owl necklace's friend. It kind of looks like it's peering over your finger to have a nosey. It's very cute and minimal, but won't be understated on an outfit due to the black jewels placed for eyes. It will definitely need a good coat of clear nail polish though before I wear it!



xXxStundonxXx said...

Fab buys :) I love Primark jewellery x

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Ooh, I like those earrings!

Helen, x

Hayley said...

I have to stop myself going into the Bristol Primark every day, because I know I'd end up with a huge jewellery collection within a week or so! Love the stag ring especially :)

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