28 October 2011

Tangle Teezer

My hair is unbelievable throughout the day. It gets very tangled and knotted... and a lot of the time when I brush it, a gazillion hairs are pulled out at the same time. Painful and unnecessary! No matter what hair brush I tried, the same thing happened over and over again. However, I think I've found the answer to all my troubles...

The Tangle Teezer is specifically designed to help detangle your hair, so I jumped at the chance when I noticed there was an offer in Boots for 3 for 2 on hair care. It's probably the most expensive hair brush I will ever own, but so far I can say that it's definitely worth it.

In the packaging, you get a little booklet with tips on how to look after your hair and use the hairbrush to the best advantage. It talks about hair breakage and cuticle damage, whilst saying why the Tangle Teezer is more suitable to reduce this happening. I thought this was a really good idea, as it shows the team behind Tangle Teezer know their stuff and want to ensure we do the best things for our hair.

You can use it on both dry and wet hair. In order to detangle your hair, apply pressure whilst brushing from the roots to the ends (which isn't as painful as it sounds)! I also brush my hair in sections, because it does get very tangled and thick... It makes it a lot more manageable, and quicker in general.

Compared to other hair brushes, I have noticed a massive difference in the amount of hair that gets pulled out... Yes, it still happens but I think that's inevitable. It's definitely a significant change though! The brush is also shaped to fit the palm of your hand, which is great as you can easily focus on brushing certain parts of your hair and apply the correct pressure. It's also great to just throw into your handbag as it's pretty small. I honestly think it's a great little investment, and one that will stick by me all winter!

This one is called (Tangerine Scream) - a brilliantly vibrant orange colour. It cost £10.20 and you can buy it from various cosmetic health stores and from their website here.

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer before? What do you think? Good value for money?

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26 October 2011

Behold the maxi skirt..!

Top: Disney Store
Skirt: Handmade by my mom!
Belt: Primark

High five to my mom who made this maxi skirt with her own sewing skillz (I think that deserved a 'z' - she's amazing at things like this). I really wanted to buy a burnt orangey/rust coloured maxi skirt from River Island, but I didn't have £25 to spend on it. After a little search in our local fabric shop, I spent £8 on fabric, a zip and a waist and my mom created this gorgeous skirt with no pattern to help. I told you she's amazing at it (but she has warned me not to get any orders - sorry girls)! I teamed it up with my Disney t-shirt a tan coloured belt - wanted to get some colour involved.

Life has been utterly insane for the last month and it seems I have abandoned these kind of outfit posts. I haven't - honest! The reason you haven't seen many outfits lately is purely because I'm at work all day every day (except weekends)... There's no light when I'm home and I look a mess after my hour and a half long commute. Waaa.

I'm now officially an 'online editor' for a company called Six Degrees, based in Bristol. Basically, you can find me writing loads of news, publishing blog posts and potentially traveling the world - however, it's all things technology! If I ever notice certain things that could help you and other bloggers with your website, then I may start doing a little post now and again filled with links (: I won't bombard you with everything, as I know technology is completely different to fashion and beauty, which this blog is all about! You might notice a few links and tweets about it all on Twitter as well... All I can say is, if you really don't care about technology, please don't 'unfollow' me on anything - I'm still a fashion/beauty blogger at heart, I promise! (:

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24 October 2011

VIVO Cosmetics

I was so excited about the launch of VIVO Cosmetics. Being exclusive to Tesco and all sold for between £1.50-£6, it was definitely a range I wanted to get my hands on and see what all the hype was about. I was gutted that my local Tesco doesn't sell VIVO yet, but thankfully I was sent a few things to try from Kerry... and here they are!

Lipstick in Spiced Cinnamon; Trio Eyeshadow Palette in Innocence; Volume Mascara

The trio eyeshadow palettes cost £2.50 each, with 5 different shades to choose from. I have Innocence, a lovely neutral, natural palette that I will most likely use for daytime. It also has a little diagram and how-to list to use the eyeshadow for smoky eyes - I thought that was a really nice touch! I was surprised at the pigmentation of each shade - very strong and no need to apply a lot in order to achieve the smoky eye look. My guess is the look would be better if used with a damp brush - more shimmery perhaps? I will probably start applying it that way, so the shades actually show up more.

The mascara is a definite repurchase of mine in the future! For £2.59, it's absolutely AMAZING and does exactly what it says on the tin (or tube)... It adds plenty of volume, lengthens your lashes and makes your eyes look more intense. There's no gloopyness or mess whatsoever when you apply it, which is always a big thing that I worry about.

This lipstick is also a hit for me, especially since it retails at £1.99. I have Spiced Cinnamon, which is a nice deep red colour. I always get worried about dark lipsticks for me, as I fear I don't have the right skin/hair colour to pull it off, but I actually really like how this looks. It makes a statement, but at the same time it's not so dramatic and eye-catching. It just adds a bit of 'ooomph' to your look.

I think these products are amazing value for money! Fingers crossed they open an e-commerce (check me and my fancy tech lingo now!) store soon so I can stock up. I desperately want to try the highlighter, but I'm nowhere near a Tesco that sell VIVO :( I can't get enough of the mascara though... I'm using it everyday, but I think I might use it for a night-time look instead, so my eyes become more dramatic.

Have you tried VIVO before? What do you think of the products?

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21 October 2011

Dead Sea Spa Magik's Salt Brushing (September GlossyBox)

Last month's GlossyBox introduced me to my new favourite body scrub. It's by Dead Sea Spa Magik, a company that focus on your mineral levels in your body, making sure your skin becomes and stays hydrated. It aims to nourish, condition, tone and soften your skin.

The main ingredient is dead sea salt, vitamin E and coconut oil. All three just scream out great things for your skin! It's basically like a home spa kit... No need for the expensive price list when you can have the same treatment in your own house.

I can't stress enough just how amazing this product is. I stood in the shower and used it on dry skin, and then rinsed it off. You could also use it and then have a bath, so you have a longer spa experience, bathing in the vitamin E and coconut oil. I didn't get chance to do that, but it still worked just as well.

I really can't remember the last time my skin felt so soft and smooth before I used this salt brushing. It smells lovely and feels nice when you rub it onto your skin. You'd think the salts would feel rough, but they don't as it's mixed with the oils. It can be a bit of a messy job using it but it's so worth it. The product didn't irritate my skin either - it just straight up did what it said it would: exfoliate and leave your skin hydrated. I can honestly say it's the best body scrub I have ever used and I will definitely purchase it again.

You can buy it from Holland and Barratt, or order it here for £13.30... Yes it's expensive, but you get a lot for your money and I think it would last you ages too.

Have you tried any of Dead Sea Spa Magik's range? What do you think?

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19 October 2011

The October GlossyBox...

I've decided to change my GlossyBox posts a little bit now. There are so many posts going at the moment, based on the contents of each GlossyBox... and I've come to a point where it'll be very difficult to do that kind of post every month! Especially this month as I forgot to change the delivery address... Fail.

But luckily, my mother was in the house at the time, so I'm sure she had a lot of fun opening it to see what was in the box this month! I was on my way home from work at the time when she sent me two photos of the contents... I could have shed a little tear.

Good ol' iPhone shots

I must admit, I'm very excited when I finally get my hands on this box, which won't be until the end of the month now. Boohoo. My mom has already claimed the Dermatalogica stuff, as it focuses on aging, but I'll probably have a quick go to see what it's like too. I'm pretty sure she likes the Leighton Denny polish and Stila eyeliner (especially as it's a greeny colour) too, but I've told her she has to wait until I've tried them out before she keeps them too! She's got good taste though, I'll give her that. I might have to start subscribing to another GlossyBox so we both got one!

Anyway, as I was saying earlier... my GlossyBox posts will become more review-based from now on. Just before the release of the next box, I will post any reviews that I think must be shared to you all! Yes, this means that I'm already late on reviews for last month's box, and I'm working on them. Technically, I haven't received my box yet, so I still have two weeks ;)

What do you think about this month's GlossyBox?

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17 October 2011

ELF's Studio Matte Lip Color (Tea Rose & Natural)

I had a bit of an ELF spending spree, stocking up on some essentials for my make-up box. I've read amazing things about their Matte Lip Colour, so decided to buy a couple of them as well. Well, it would be rude not to buy make-up alongside the brushes etc ;)

Left: Natural. Right: Tea Rose

I really liked these lip colours. Very subtle tones but enough to make a difference to your look. I like how the packaging is thin so I can put it in any bag, big or small. I presume there's plenty of product as well since it's long. I hope there is anyway!

The only negative I'd say is that it doesn't sit very well on my lips after I've put moisturising cream on. My lips get dry quite often, and although this lip colour doesn't add to the dryness, it doesn't make it better either.

Apart from that, it lasts a long time and you can also change the effect by adding a bit of clear lip gloss on top... Like 2 in 1 - Matte to gloss in 5 seconds! It's very easy to apply so doesn't make a mess. I'm pretty useless when it comes to applying lip colour, so was impressed with how easy it was. I guess it's because they're thin, with a 'dry' texture (compared to a lip gloss in a tube! Make sense now?) so application is simple. It's just like colouring in... Saying that though, I've never been great at doing that either! Anyway, I do really like them, and one will always be in my bag during the day... as long as my lips aren't dry beforehand.

You can buy them here for £3.50 each. Very reasonable price for what you get!

Have you tried their Matte Lip Color before? What do you think?

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14 October 2011

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula (Fragrance Free)

The almost legendary cocoa butter-based lotion has pleased a lot of people, making your skin feel soft and smooth. For me, this was a completely different story. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula also have a 'fragrance free' option, with me presuming that was for the people who don't want to walk around smelling like a chocolate bar. Oh, how wrong I was.

I was so excited to try this out. I've heard such amazing things about it but all I felt was disappointment.

In my opinion, if something is fragrance free then it should smell of nothing. Their original body lotion is so overpowering, it put me off buying it. I bought this thinking I was going to have the same experience as everyone else, without ending up like a piece of confectionary. I expected this to be a great alternative - a non-scented body lotion, but with the essence of it's main ingredient.

After use, my body smelled like a huge slab of chocolate. I washed my hands afterwards, and they still smelled of chocolate. All I can smell was bloody chocolate. Maybe their idea of 'fragrance free' is the sort of ingredients they've used, making is safer and kinder to your skin.

It didn't feel very kind to my skin. I could feel a reaction on my legs - an itchy, burning sensation. I always get worried about using some products in case they react and give me a rash. I don't have the best skin type in the world. I ended up washing off the product completely, just in case my legs did turn into a rashy mess.

All in all, I hated it and I'm SO gutted that this didn't work out for me.

Have you tried Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula before? What do you think about it?

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12 October 2011

Topshop Cream Blush in Flush

I've been looking for a new blush for ages. All I've been using lately is my beloved Benefit's Posietint, but I wanted something more compact (like a palette). After a few reviews I've seen in the past, I decided to check out Topshop's make-up range. I must admit, although I'm an avid lover of Topshop, I hadn't tried any of their make-up, so I was really intrigued to see what all the fuss was about and if it lived up to my expectations. I chose their cream blush, in Flush...

At first glance, I thought the case was really cute. I love the polkadot rounded palette it's in, along with the mirror below the lid so you can apply it wherever you are. I always use two fingers to apply it on my cheeks, and found it was easy to blend. It did dry quite quickly though, so only use a small amount at first then build it up. I've ended up looking like a clown before, because it dried up quick.

Flush is a lovely pinky colour, not too bright and not too dark. It was the right shade for me to add a bit more colour to my face. I didn't want to use it too much as I wanted it for a more subtle daytime look.

I found that, after it dried quickly, it also dried out my skin a little bit. I have to make sure my skin is very moisturised before application, which feels like more trouble than it's worth. It does add plenty of colour, but doesn't last all day. You would have to reapply it throughout the day, which is disappointing. I'm not one to constantly redo my make-up all day. Once it's on, I like it to stay on! I'm in two minds whether to continue using it. Maybe cream-based make-up isn't right for me and I should go back to either liquid or powder.

Have you used any of Topshop's makeup range? What do you think?

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10 October 2011

Burberry Body perfume

After noticing the offer of a Burberry Body sample on their Facebook page, I immediately signed up for it to try it out. I do like my perfumes so I was very excited to see what is was like outside of a store. I'm not a fan of spraying a load of perfumes during a visit to Boots, because I end up smelling of all sorts... I've heard great things of Burberry Body, so I'm glad I got the chance to test it out properly!

I completely forgot that I had requested one, so when it arrived in a cute little box, I was very excited! Opening the package, I was greeted to the Burberry Body advert image... Lift it up and the perfume is there! I thought it was a lovely way to present the sample, rather than just wrap it up in some bubble wrap and have done with it. It felt like Burberry actually cared for it's Facebook fans and gave off a good impression to begin with.

I was pleasantly surprised with the scent. I don't really know what I was expecting as I kept an open mind about it. It's quite strong when you first use it, but later turns into a subtle, fruity, feminine scent that lasts throughout the day.

The bottle itself is sophisticated but simple. It's got a bullet-like shape, and it feels pretty strong so (hopefully) it wouldn't smash on the floor if you dropped it by accident (unless at a tall height on a concrete floor, obviously!)

The price for a full-size bottle (35ml) is £45... I think I'll be adding it to my Christmas list!

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09 October 2011

Leather Satchel Company's 15" British Racing Green satchel bag

Sorry for my blogging hiatus lately... It's been a very hectic week involving seeing the family and friends, packing, moving house and starting my new job tomorrow. EEK. I just HAD to introduce my new work bag to you though... My parents bought it me last week and I've been in awe of it ever since. I've only used it once so far and I'm terrified of wrecking it. Behold the leather satchel (made by theLeather Satchel Company!

Beautifully wrapped up, it was delivered after just two days of ordering because of my awkwardness. I really wanted it to be delivered before the weekend, so I had it in time for work etc. Due to the time and effort they put into every bag they make, I was worried I wouldn't get it in time. After a quick conversation with their customer service team, I was told they'd get to work on it the following morning. At 3pm that day, I was told it was already with the courier so I'd get it the next day! I became the proud owner of a 15" British Racing Green leather satchel at 9am on Thursday morning.

I can't believe how beautiful the bag is. It's very sturdy, and you can see the care that was put into it by looking at every stitch, lining and corner. The colour is a lovely deep green shade that will go with pretty much any outfit. Close up, I did notice a couple of marks on the front, but I was ensured by my mother (who is self-named leather expert) that it was natural for that to happen. "The cow had some bruises." That quote made me feel a bit guilty, I must admit.

I chose a 15" size, so it's big enough to fit my MacBook in, along with an A4 pad and my usual belongings I always keep with me (like my phone, purse etc). I also had my initials embossed on the front. I don't really know why... I guess I wanted to show that I am proud to own one of these, along with the fact it makes it more personal to me.

Even Xander cat likes it...

It looks perfect right now, but I know that as time goes on, the satchel will look 'worn', giving off the vintagey effect it should have. It cost £99 in total, but it's definitely a staple piece to my wardrobe and one that will be mine for years and years to come. Check out the Leather Satchel Company's website to see the range of bags on offer!

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