26 October 2011

Behold the maxi skirt..!

Top: Disney Store
Skirt: Handmade by my mom!
Belt: Primark

High five to my mom who made this maxi skirt with her own sewing skillz (I think that deserved a 'z' - she's amazing at things like this). I really wanted to buy a burnt orangey/rust coloured maxi skirt from River Island, but I didn't have £25 to spend on it. After a little search in our local fabric shop, I spent £8 on fabric, a zip and a waist and my mom created this gorgeous skirt with no pattern to help. I told you she's amazing at it (but she has warned me not to get any orders - sorry girls)! I teamed it up with my Disney t-shirt a tan coloured belt - wanted to get some colour involved.

Life has been utterly insane for the last month and it seems I have abandoned these kind of outfit posts. I haven't - honest! The reason you haven't seen many outfits lately is purely because I'm at work all day every day (except weekends)... There's no light when I'm home and I look a mess after my hour and a half long commute. Waaa.

I'm now officially an 'online editor' for a company called Six Degrees, based in Bristol. Basically, you can find me writing loads of news, publishing blog posts and potentially traveling the world - however, it's all things technology! If I ever notice certain things that could help you and other bloggers with your website, then I may start doing a little post now and again filled with links (: I won't bombard you with everything, as I know technology is completely different to fashion and beauty, which this blog is all about! You might notice a few links and tweets about it all on Twitter as well... All I can say is, if you really don't care about technology, please don't 'unfollow' me on anything - I'm still a fashion/beauty blogger at heart, I promise! (:


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Zoe said...

The skirt is so lovely! looks really great paired with the top too!


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