17 October 2011

ELF's Studio Matte Lip Color (Tea Rose & Natural)

I had a bit of an ELF spending spree, stocking up on some essentials for my make-up box. I've read amazing things about their Matte Lip Colour, so decided to buy a couple of them as well. Well, it would be rude not to buy make-up alongside the brushes etc ;)

Left: Natural. Right: Tea Rose

I really liked these lip colours. Very subtle tones but enough to make a difference to your look. I like how the packaging is thin so I can put it in any bag, big or small. I presume there's plenty of product as well since it's long. I hope there is anyway!

The only negative I'd say is that it doesn't sit very well on my lips after I've put moisturising cream on. My lips get dry quite often, and although this lip colour doesn't add to the dryness, it doesn't make it better either.

Apart from that, it lasts a long time and you can also change the effect by adding a bit of clear lip gloss on top... Like 2 in 1 - Matte to gloss in 5 seconds! It's very easy to apply so doesn't make a mess. I'm pretty useless when it comes to applying lip colour, so was impressed with how easy it was. I guess it's because they're thin, with a 'dry' texture (compared to a lip gloss in a tube! Make sense now?) so application is simple. It's just like colouring in... Saying that though, I've never been great at doing that either! Anyway, I do really like them, and one will always be in my bag during the day... as long as my lips aren't dry beforehand.

You can buy them here for £3.50 each. Very reasonable price for what you get!

Have you tried their Matte Lip Color before? What do you think?


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Sarah said...

I really want to try these, that Tea rose colour looks lovely!

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