19 October 2011

The October GlossyBox...

I've decided to change my GlossyBox posts a little bit now. There are so many posts going at the moment, based on the contents of each GlossyBox... and I've come to a point where it'll be very difficult to do that kind of post every month! Especially this month as I forgot to change the delivery address... Fail.

But luckily, my mother was in the house at the time, so I'm sure she had a lot of fun opening it to see what was in the box this month! I was on my way home from work at the time when she sent me two photos of the contents... I could have shed a little tear.

Good ol' iPhone shots

I must admit, I'm very excited when I finally get my hands on this box, which won't be until the end of the month now. Boohoo. My mom has already claimed the Dermatalogica stuff, as it focuses on aging, but I'll probably have a quick go to see what it's like too. I'm pretty sure she likes the Leighton Denny polish and Stila eyeliner (especially as it's a greeny colour) too, but I've told her she has to wait until I've tried them out before she keeps them too! She's got good taste though, I'll give her that. I might have to start subscribing to another GlossyBox so we both got one!

Anyway, as I was saying earlier... my GlossyBox posts will become more review-based from now on. Just before the release of the next box, I will post any reviews that I think must be shared to you all! Yes, this means that I'm already late on reviews for last month's box, and I'm working on them. Technically, I haven't received my box yet, so I still have two weeks ;)

What do you think about this month's GlossyBox?


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Jess said...

I was a little disappointed at this months glossy box!! Considering their primary market is females between 18-24, I was surprised they stocked up on loads of anti ageing stuff :(

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