14 October 2011

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula (Fragrance Free)

The almost legendary cocoa butter-based lotion has pleased a lot of people, making your skin feel soft and smooth. For me, this was a completely different story. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula also have a 'fragrance free' option, with me presuming that was for the people who don't want to walk around smelling like a chocolate bar. Oh, how wrong I was.

I was so excited to try this out. I've heard such amazing things about it but all I felt was disappointment.

In my opinion, if something is fragrance free then it should smell of nothing. Their original body lotion is so overpowering, it put me off buying it. I bought this thinking I was going to have the same experience as everyone else, without ending up like a piece of confectionary. I expected this to be a great alternative - a non-scented body lotion, but with the essence of it's main ingredient.

After use, my body smelled like a huge slab of chocolate. I washed my hands afterwards, and they still smelled of chocolate. All I can smell was bloody chocolate. Maybe their idea of 'fragrance free' is the sort of ingredients they've used, making is safer and kinder to your skin.

It didn't feel very kind to my skin. I could feel a reaction on my legs - an itchy, burning sensation. I always get worried about using some products in case they react and give me a rash. I don't have the best skin type in the world. I ended up washing off the product completely, just in case my legs did turn into a rashy mess.

All in all, I hated it and I'm SO gutted that this didn't work out for me.

Have you tried Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula before? What do you think about it?



Emily said...

Oh that's such a shame it was a total disappointment for you, I would expect fragrance free to have no smell either as well as no irritating ingredients. I actually really like the smell (as long as I put it on before I go to bed so it's not too overpowering the next day!) but can see how it's strong enough to put you off xxx

Zoe said...

Im surprised the fragrance free still had the original smell! I adore the smell of it though! It just stays for such a long time(can be annoying and overpowering if i want to wear perfume though)


Kieran said...

I'm with you. Many of my friends have been swearing by PCB for ages, but I find the scent beyond nauseous. So when I found the allegedly fragrance free version, I thought it was a coup. But they need to change the label, because a "fragrance free" product has no smell, or a minimal bland smell. This, as you noted, stinks of chocolate (and I do mean stinks -- it's nearly as awful as the original, just a different variety of awful), and unlike other body lotions, the smell simply does not go away; it's been an hour now. So assuming I can do something to shut down my own gag reflex, I'll only be applying this at night to shower off in the a.m., and it's back to the Bliss body butter for day wear.

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