01 October 2011

Style Birmingham Live (#4) Video Haul

The last in my Style Birmingham Live posts... The videos!

With my trusty Flip Camera, I juggled using it in one hand, whilst having my Nikon DSRL in the other hand. To say I struggled is an understatement! I had to do it though as I wanted to share these moments with you. I need to apologise quickly though for a couple of reasons...
1. The camera does move now and again... Like I said, I struggled to take photos at the same time as video recording!
2. The quality of each video (especially the first one) isn't great. For some reason, my editing program didn't like these videos and decided to blur them out big time.

This first video is from the Town Hall Catwalk Show, where Bradley Taylor (a celebrity stylist) took to the stage to answer any questions the audience had. Whoever asked the best question won a bottle of champagne and a kiss off George Lamb (damn it). I thought the questions were really interesting as he was put on the spot a few times!

And to end it all, I just HAD to share it. As stupid as it was, it was absolutely hilarious. Coming to a town near you (well, I presume...), it's Granny Turismo!
Note: That is not me cackling/laughing in the video.


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