29 November 2011

Neal & Wolf Harmony Intensive Hair Treatment (from September GlossyBox)

I'm always in need of a boost when it comes to my hair. Without fail, it always goes dry and breaks very easily... So when I saw this product sitting in my first GlossyBox, I knew I was potentially onto a winner.

Neal & Wolf is a brand I have never heard of before, but just the packaging screams "EXPENSIVE". Actually, it retails at around £13, not as much as I thought, but still hoped the quality of it would meet the expense.

The smell is just divine - quite perfumey, mix of floral and musk scents, if that's possible?! It was a very sophisticated smell, and one that made me feel like I adding something luxurious and special to my hair.

I was very impressed with this conditioning treatment. After leaving it on for a few minutes, it was very easy to rinse out. It left no product whatsoever on my hair - it just left it smooth, sleek and very moisturised! It's quite a thick product at first, but it glided well into your hair and washed out quickly - something you probably wouldn't expect. It's not a heavy product, which is why it works so well.

My hair felt lovely and looked a lot healthier afterwards and I was incredibly pleased with the results. I think the product will last me quite a while too, as a little goes a long way! It's became a regular in my weekly hair regime (I wash my hair every day, but only use intensive conditioner once a week!) and I think I would be willing to repurchase it once it's ran out. I love how my hair feels after use and I definitely recommend it.

You can buy Neal & Wolf products from their website!

Have you tried this hair treatment, or anything else from the Neal & Wolf range? What intensive conditioner do you recommemd?

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27 November 2011


On Friday, I had the day that I've been waiting for ever since I handed in my last assignment at university - GRADUATION!

Yes, you could say it was late. I'm pretty sure Sheffield Hallam is the last uni to hold its graduations... And mine was on the last day of the second week. It was a brilliant day and was definitely worth the wait. I won't bore you with too much detail about it - basically the ceremony (which was at Sheffield City Hall) started at 11am and lasted 2 hours. Around 10 seconds out of those two hours were my time to shine - all that worrying, stress and money for TEN SECONDS?! Oh well. It was lovely to see everybody again and catch up. For once, I actually felt a bit proud of myself about my achievement too - even though I've known that I've got a First Class Degree under my belt, this made me feel real. Won't forget that feeling ever. Afterwards, we went over to Yates and had some lunch (whilst still wearing my gown and mortarboard! I wasn't the only one but it was still strange), picked up some Fancie cupcakes (AMAZING!) and headed back home.

The following day, I pretty much relaxed until a big family meal in the evening, which was all good fun and great to see everyone. I haven't seen most of them since I moved to Bath last month, and we don't usually get the chance to get everyone (expect my brother and sister-in-law who live in Holland at the moment!) together. We even had some champagne, which was hilarious as my dad nearly broke a light fitting when the cork came out, which then hit me on the leg...

Dress: Primark
Shoes: Carvela at Kurt Geiger
Coat: Topshop
Bag: Topshop


My outfit for the Graduation meal...
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Office

Also got a lovely surprise for my graduation present from my parents - mortarboard earrings! I absolutely love these and will definitely wear them again. I know it will be random to wear them after graduation, but I do like different earrings, and will help keep my memories of graduation with me!


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25 November 2011

Witch's Anti-Blemish Liquid Concealer

I don't use concealer that much - some may say I'm lucky, I just think my foundation is coverage enough! After trying some of Witch's cosmetics range, including its primer and pressed powder (AMAZING products!) I was really intrigued about the liquid concealer.

When Witch opened up a Facebook page, it held a competition each week - 50 winners win a product of their choice. I entered it to try my luck at winning the concealer. It was one of those products that I was worried about spending money on. Luckily, I actually won and the concealer was mine!

I've only used it around 4 times since I got it (around a month or so ago) but if I waited any longer to get some huge mountains on my face, then it would be way too late to review it. Saying that, I'm going to wake up tomorrow with a load now... Eek. Fingers crossed not. I guess I'm blessed with good skin... The odd spot here and there, but nothing too bad, apart from redness on my cheeks.

I got the concealer in Medium, and I'm glad I did as it's just the right shade for my skin. It's very easy to apply and blend onto your skin with the brush. It hides well under your foundation so it's not noticeable. You don't need a great deal to cover any blemishes either, as it's quite thick on application.

I found that it didn't dry out my skin, because it's liquid based. I have to reapply it once during the day, but other than that it's quite long lasting. The fact that it's got Witch's anti-blemish formula in it is great too - you've covered up your blemishes, and don't have to worry about treating them either. The concealer does both jobs - perfect! I did notice that my blemishes do calm down after I've applied the concealer for a while, so I'm very happy with this. It seems Witch have done well to merge anti-blemish with make-up!

Overall, I really like the product, and because I don't have to apply it very often, I think it will last me a long time. It's a really nice, smooth product that blends well and doesn't do any harm to your skin. I wouldn't say it's my favourite Witch product, but that's probably because I don't need to use it a lot. It does exactly what it says on the tin (or tube...) and I highly recommend it. Make sure you swatch the product first though - I was very lucky about this shade, but as there are only 3 shades to choose from, you need to be sure you buy the right one for you!

You can buy Witch products from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco - the liquid concealer retails at £6.99.

Have you tried Witch's liquid concealer? Or any other products? What do you think?

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23 November 2011

Green People's Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

Over a month ago, I was sent some shampoo and conditioner to try out by Green People. If you don't know who Green People are, it's a brilliant company that offers a range of hair products, mineral make-up, sun lotion or self tan, body lotions/cream/scrubs, body washes... All sorts! It was made by a mother who was determined to create the best products for her eczema and allergy-suffering daughter. Every product contains natural, organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals, making it very safe to use.

They have a wide range of variations of hair products for every hair type... I received the Moisturising shampoo and conditioner, which is designed for normal/dry and frizzy hair types - perfect to use in winter! I've made sure I spent the last month using this, and only this, so I can test it out properly.

These two products both claim they help to detangle and hydrate your hair. Now, my hair gets tangled VERY easily, and although it still does, I have found that it's slightly easier to detangle afterwards. My hair doesn't feel so dry either... even at the roots, my hair looks slightly healthier than it has done for ages. The scent is a gorgeous citrus smell - very refreshing and will remind me of summer when I use it.

Green People use the motto 'a little goes a long way'... I'm not sure whether I agree with this, in particular with the conditioner. I have to use quite a bit through my hair each time, else my hair just feels like a big tangled mess in the shower. The shampoo does go a long way though - I guess this is proven with the fact that when my conditioner ran out, I still had a good few uses of the shampoo left!

They cost £10.95 each, which is quite expensive. However, I think it is worth it as I can tell a difference with how my hair feels and looks. I absolutely love the fact it's organic as well, which I know is great for hair and skin care. Unfortunately, I've ran out of it now, and can't afford to buy anymore (boooo!) but I do hope to repurchase it one day. It's a lovely range and one that has made my hair feel smoother, softer and healthier than it's been for ages.

Have you heard of/tried any of Green People's products?

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22 November 2011

GlossyBox - my November arrival

So here it is: The November GlossyBox! I've been wondering all weekend about what's going to be in the box this month. I've heard so much negative feedback over this box that I was starting to consider whether to cancel my subscription (I've been wondering about doing this all month, simple because I can't afford it). However, the box arrived as lovely as ever and the products are even lovelier, so I'm back to being 50/50 with my subscription!

I absolutely love Dead Sea Spa Magik products, so I'm very excited to find out what the bath salts are like. I won't be able to use them until I go home at weekends though, as I only have a shower here! Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

The hand creme, by Arbonne FC5, and Monu's recovery balm are products and brands that I've never heard of before, but I'm also very intrigued by them. I'm particularly excited to try the Modu balm - am I right in thinking it could be an alternative to Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour balm (or whatever the product is called... I could have got it completely wrong!)?

The perfume samples are sprays - yay! I hate testers which you have to be very careful not to pour it all over your hands when opened, so the fact that these are sprays already enter my good books. Had quick smells of each and I've found that the L'eau Serge Lutens perfume (the one in the white box!) is definitely my favourite of the two. It's very 'me' - fresh, clean, not overpowering... The other one is way too strong for my liking and perhaps a bit 'older'(?)

As for the nail wraps, I'm not overly sure about them. This is only because I have to wear tiny false nails as my real nails are non-existant, so these may not work on me! My falsies are quite thin as well, so I'd probably have to cut off half of the wraps in order to fit them on! The pattern is very cute though - black with white polkadots, again, more 'me' than some other versions I've noticed! I will definitely give these a go and I hope they do work well for me.

Reviews will appear at some point! My weekends are for photo-taking (can you tell how dark it is in these photos?!)

Have you received your GlossyBox today? Are you happy with the products?

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21 November 2011

Primark glitter wedges - To Grad or not to Grad?

I've been on a serious hunt for some shoes to wear for graduation, which is on Friday! I've got my dress sorted, which you can see hereeee, so wanted some heels that would compliment the dress, look quite smart but still have a bit of 'zazz' within them.

I was searching everywhere - Irregular Choice, Topshop, Schuh, Office, Kurt Geiger... Then realised I'm jumping way too far over budget! So after a quick browse in New Look and H&M, and then decided to pop into Bristol's Primark store after work. A miracle happened!

I found these glittery wedges in Primark for £16. SIXTEEN POUNDS! I remembered seeing Caroline Flack in some gorgeous Topshop wedges, and wondered about getting a similar version for graduation. I'm so pleased I found these, especially since they're so cheap and great value for money! They're really comfortable and definitely add that so-called 'zazz' I mentioned earlier.

The black glitter isn't too extreme - it's quite subtle but still catches your eye, which I really like. I love statement shoes, and I think these scream that out whilst still being smart and sophisticated for graduation. One of my course tutors told me to go for bright pink heels, so I think these are a better toned-down version!

However, I'm starting to think whether they're a bit too high for graduation? Considering I'm 5'8 already, I'll be wearing them all day and the Vice Chancellor of my university looks pretty small in height, so I fear I will tower over him when I'm on stage! Thoughts anyone?! Should I go for these or a smaller heel?

Have you had your graduation? What did you wear? (:

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19 November 2011

HD Eye & Brow Palette in Bombshell (from September's GlossyBox)

I've never been overly bothered about my eyebrows. Yes, I pluck or wax them, of course! But anything else, I didn't do. I never filled them in, shaped with some colour... Some may call me lazy, but I just thought it wasn't necessary. Oh, how times have changed...

Thanks to the September GlossyBox, it introduced me to a new way of thinking when it came to my eyebrows. The HD Eye & Brow palette. Now, if you haven't heard about this already, then where the bleedin'ell have you been?! I'm potentially the last blogger to talk about this, but hey ho, this product is amazing and I need to preach about it!

I received 'Bombshell', which is meant for blondes. I'm not blonde, so I was pretty wary about trying it out. I needn't have worried though. Using the two bottom shades together, it pretty much matched my hair colour and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Done slightly more than usual! And yes, I was only meant to do one

With the little brush provided, I literally just dabbed it on both shades and started applying gently. I made the terrible mistake of sweeping it across too harshly, and ending up with two caterpillars on my face. I blame my lack of experience - sorted that out now though as I've got the hang of how to get the right effect!

It's very easy to apply - if anything, make sure you apply gently because the colour goes on too easily. I love the effect it made. I'm quite fond of my big eyes, so accentuating my eyebrows helped make them more prominent. I think it also defines my face a bit more. I never colour my brows too much though - after that one time, I've realised that it really doesn't suit me. It does suit some people, but for me, not so much!

It also acts as an eyeshadow palette too - nice neutral colours for a natural look! I haven't tried them out on my eyes yet so I'm very intrigued as to what it looks like. If the colours that good on eyebrows though, hopefully acting as an eyeshadow will be the same.

One problem I found was that the palette itself was faulty - the clasp is broken so now I've resulted in using an elastic band to hold it together! Annoying but necessary. It's just too good to throw away! The lovely people at GlossyBox did send me a replacement though - not Bombshell though, it was called 'Foxy'. Looked a bit lighter than this palette, but I'm sure once I've mixed the shades together it will work. I'm staying put with Bombshell though as it's just perfect.

I believe you can buy the palette online here for £19.95. Although, I know you can get HD Brows done properly at selected salons, which I'm contemplating doing one day.

Have you tried the palette before? Or got your brows done professionally? Why do you think us girls "need" to shade our eyebrows in?! I don't know, but I love it...

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17 November 2011

Superdrug's Beauty Evening - Bristol Broadmead

I got my first event invitation a couple of weeks ago (well, the first one I could actually attend!) so I was very excited about it. Superdrug were holding beauty evenings around the country, offering freebies and various treatments. I planned to go to the Bristol store, which offered threading, St Tropez tanning and Nivea Christmas stockings.

Getting to the store not long after it begun, there was a small table in the corner with pink champagne, Dove hair conditioner, Guylian chocolates and testers of Britney Spears' Cosmic Radiance perfume. After getting the freebies, I was told to have a look round and if I buy something I get free gift wrapping. "Ooooo."

So, of course, I had a browse and started picking up a few things. Luckily, I realised that I'm just buying stuff for the sake of spending money, which I don't have. I didn't need gift wrapping, as it was all for myself. Then another part of me clicked.... Where was the tanning? Where was the threading? Where were the Christmas stockings?

They didn't exist. The woman who was handing out the freebies looked at me as if:
1. I made all those treatments up, even though the threading area was right next to her.
2. She didn't know what a 'blog' was. No one cared my name was 'on the list', nor did they care I was taking photos.

I drank my champagne, which was the highlight of the evening, and left after 10 minutes of arriving. I was livid.

When I got home, I decided to send a complaint to the PR woman, Heather, who invited me to the event. I wasn't blaming her obviously - a quick search on Twitter and half the people enjoyed it and half didn't. I guess it depends on which store you went to.

Heather was so kind about it, she looked into the issue and found out that due to illness, some people were off sick so there weren't enough people to offer the treatments. Fair enough, but they could have told me that rather than make me feel like I was in the wrong in the store.

Anyway, as an apology (even though the email reply was enough!) Heather very generously sent me a few things (or a 'beauty hamper' as she called it) to make up for it. And wow, did she send me some stuff!

I can't wait to try them all out - I've never owned anything from GOSH or FashionistA, so I'm very excited! The colours look gorgeous, and different to what I own already.

I also received a gift card worth £25 to spend in any Superdrug store! Unfortunately, the MUA Extreme Metallics eyeshadow palette was completely smashed in the package, and was literally EVERYWHERE. I've cleaned it all up now, but RIP to the MUA palette. With the rest of make-up to play with though, I wasn't too fussed about that. I can buy some with my gift card :)

I guess you could say this 'compensation' was a lot more than I was expecting, and I couldn't thank Heather enough for all this. Although my disappointment with the evening still lies, I hope the Bristol store keep a note of my complaint so it doesn't happen again to anyone. Mistakes happen and people learn from them, right?

Expect reviews on the products soon!

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15 November 2011

Feeding the Garra Rufa fish... Spa treatment

A while back, I decided to get my feet ‘nibbled’ by some Garra Rufa fish. Yes, I got the fish spa treatment! I was really wary about going for one, for obvious reasons including I didn’t know how it would feel, or the whole health worries – diseases spreading from one pair of feet, to the fish, to your feet = bleurgh – but I went for it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised!

I went to a ‘spa’ (I use the term loosely) in Merry Hill in Dudley. It cost £10 for 15 minutes, which is pretty much standard price. I got my feet rinsed off, put on some sexy flip flops and made my way into the fish spa. The woman didn’t really check my feet over for any cuts etc, which shocked me as I thought they would/should. Isn’t that the prime way for anything to happen health-wise?!

No. My feet aren't dirty. It's stupid tanning lotion that has stained my feet.

Anyway, once my feet were in with the fishes, I tried my hardest to relax. No, they didn’t pounce on me like piranhas, but they were stuffing themselves with food/dead skin. NICE. It felt really strange, but I got used to it after a while – almost felt like tickling. I’m not a very ticklish person, but when a fish was nibbling under my big toe, I was trying not to scream “eeeeeeek”.

At one point, they did decide to group up and focus on one foot at a time. Who knows if it was intentional, but majority were after one foot for a bit, then made their way to the other. It was like a full on swarm.

My feet did feel pretty smooth and soft afterwards, but not as much as I expected. I guess I shouldn’t have expected the fish to be some kind of miracle workers – my feet were in too much of a state to sort out in one feeding! I will definitely go again though. I’d probably prepare my feet a bit more and exfoliate my skin so the deadness is ready to come off. I repeat – NICE.

Don’t think I’d go to that spa again though. The girl who served me could do with smiling once in a while.

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