15 November 2011

Feeding the Garra Rufa fish... Spa treatment

A while back, I decided to get my feet ‘nibbled’ by some Garra Rufa fish. Yes, I got the fish spa treatment! I was really wary about going for one, for obvious reasons including I didn’t know how it would feel, or the whole health worries – diseases spreading from one pair of feet, to the fish, to your feet = bleurgh – but I went for it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised!

I went to a ‘spa’ (I use the term loosely) in Merry Hill in Dudley. It cost £10 for 15 minutes, which is pretty much standard price. I got my feet rinsed off, put on some sexy flip flops and made my way into the fish spa. The woman didn’t really check my feet over for any cuts etc, which shocked me as I thought they would/should. Isn’t that the prime way for anything to happen health-wise?!

No. My feet aren't dirty. It's stupid tanning lotion that has stained my feet.

Anyway, once my feet were in with the fishes, I tried my hardest to relax. No, they didn’t pounce on me like piranhas, but they were stuffing themselves with food/dead skin. NICE. It felt really strange, but I got used to it after a while – almost felt like tickling. I’m not a very ticklish person, but when a fish was nibbling under my big toe, I was trying not to scream “eeeeeeek”.

At one point, they did decide to group up and focus on one foot at a time. Who knows if it was intentional, but majority were after one foot for a bit, then made their way to the other. It was like a full on swarm.

My feet did feel pretty smooth and soft afterwards, but not as much as I expected. I guess I shouldn’t have expected the fish to be some kind of miracle workers – my feet were in too much of a state to sort out in one feeding! I will definitely go again though. I’d probably prepare my feet a bit more and exfoliate my skin so the deadness is ready to come off. I repeat – NICE.

Don’t think I’d go to that spa again though. The girl who served me could do with smiling once in a while.


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