22 November 2011

GlossyBox - my November arrival

So here it is: The November GlossyBox! I've been wondering all weekend about what's going to be in the box this month. I've heard so much negative feedback over this box that I was starting to consider whether to cancel my subscription (I've been wondering about doing this all month, simple because I can't afford it). However, the box arrived as lovely as ever and the products are even lovelier, so I'm back to being 50/50 with my subscription!

I absolutely love Dead Sea Spa Magik products, so I'm very excited to find out what the bath salts are like. I won't be able to use them until I go home at weekends though, as I only have a shower here! Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

The hand creme, by Arbonne FC5, and Monu's recovery balm are products and brands that I've never heard of before, but I'm also very intrigued by them. I'm particularly excited to try the Modu balm - am I right in thinking it could be an alternative to Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour balm (or whatever the product is called... I could have got it completely wrong!)?

The perfume samples are sprays - yay! I hate testers which you have to be very careful not to pour it all over your hands when opened, so the fact that these are sprays already enter my good books. Had quick smells of each and I've found that the L'eau Serge Lutens perfume (the one in the white box!) is definitely my favourite of the two. It's very 'me' - fresh, clean, not overpowering... The other one is way too strong for my liking and perhaps a bit 'older'(?)

As for the nail wraps, I'm not overly sure about them. This is only because I have to wear tiny false nails as my real nails are non-existant, so these may not work on me! My falsies are quite thin as well, so I'd probably have to cut off half of the wraps in order to fit them on! The pattern is very cute though - black with white polkadots, again, more 'me' than some other versions I've noticed! I will definitely give these a go and I hope they do work well for me.

Reviews will appear at some point! My weekends are for photo-taking (can you tell how dark it is in these photos?!)

Have you received your GlossyBox today? Are you happy with the products?



Sarah said...

Out of all the other nail wraps I've seen yours look like the best pattern! x

Cherry said...

Love your nail wraps!

Zoe said...

Love the pattern of your nail wraps, definitely nicer than the others out there!

xXxStundonxXx said...

Your nail wraps are so cute :)

I was the same as you, thinking it would be awful after hearing all the fuss but actually very pleasantly surprised.

I'm looking forward to next months surprise now! xx

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