23 November 2011

Green People's Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

Over a month ago, I was sent some shampoo and conditioner to try out by Green People. If you don't know who Green People are, it's a brilliant company that offers a range of hair products, mineral make-up, sun lotion or self tan, body lotions/cream/scrubs, body washes... All sorts! It was made by a mother who was determined to create the best products for her eczema and allergy-suffering daughter. Every product contains natural, organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals, making it very safe to use.

They have a wide range of variations of hair products for every hair type... I received the Moisturising shampoo and conditioner, which is designed for normal/dry and frizzy hair types - perfect to use in winter! I've made sure I spent the last month using this, and only this, so I can test it out properly.

These two products both claim they help to detangle and hydrate your hair. Now, my hair gets tangled VERY easily, and although it still does, I have found that it's slightly easier to detangle afterwards. My hair doesn't feel so dry either... even at the roots, my hair looks slightly healthier than it has done for ages. The scent is a gorgeous citrus smell - very refreshing and will remind me of summer when I use it.

Green People use the motto 'a little goes a long way'... I'm not sure whether I agree with this, in particular with the conditioner. I have to use quite a bit through my hair each time, else my hair just feels like a big tangled mess in the shower. The shampoo does go a long way though - I guess this is proven with the fact that when my conditioner ran out, I still had a good few uses of the shampoo left!

They cost £10.95 each, which is quite expensive. However, I think it is worth it as I can tell a difference with how my hair feels and looks. I absolutely love the fact it's organic as well, which I know is great for hair and skin care. Unfortunately, I've ran out of it now, and can't afford to buy anymore (boooo!) but I do hope to repurchase it one day. It's a lovely range and one that has made my hair feel smoother, softer and healthier than it's been for ages.

Have you heard of/tried any of Green People's products?


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Zoe said...

They sound great but agreed that theyre pretty expensive! Think they sound worth it though.


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