19 November 2011

HD Eye & Brow Palette in Bombshell (from September's GlossyBox)

I've never been overly bothered about my eyebrows. Yes, I pluck or wax them, of course! But anything else, I didn't do. I never filled them in, shaped with some colour... Some may call me lazy, but I just thought it wasn't necessary. Oh, how times have changed...

Thanks to the September GlossyBox, it introduced me to a new way of thinking when it came to my eyebrows. The HD Eye & Brow palette. Now, if you haven't heard about this already, then where the bleedin'ell have you been?! I'm potentially the last blogger to talk about this, but hey ho, this product is amazing and I need to preach about it!

I received 'Bombshell', which is meant for blondes. I'm not blonde, so I was pretty wary about trying it out. I needn't have worried though. Using the two bottom shades together, it pretty much matched my hair colour and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Done slightly more than usual! And yes, I was only meant to do one

With the little brush provided, I literally just dabbed it on both shades and started applying gently. I made the terrible mistake of sweeping it across too harshly, and ending up with two caterpillars on my face. I blame my lack of experience - sorted that out now though as I've got the hang of how to get the right effect!

It's very easy to apply - if anything, make sure you apply gently because the colour goes on too easily. I love the effect it made. I'm quite fond of my big eyes, so accentuating my eyebrows helped make them more prominent. I think it also defines my face a bit more. I never colour my brows too much though - after that one time, I've realised that it really doesn't suit me. It does suit some people, but for me, not so much!

It also acts as an eyeshadow palette too - nice neutral colours for a natural look! I haven't tried them out on my eyes yet so I'm very intrigued as to what it looks like. If the colours that good on eyebrows though, hopefully acting as an eyeshadow will be the same.

One problem I found was that the palette itself was faulty - the clasp is broken so now I've resulted in using an elastic band to hold it together! Annoying but necessary. It's just too good to throw away! The lovely people at GlossyBox did send me a replacement though - not Bombshell though, it was called 'Foxy'. Looked a bit lighter than this palette, but I'm sure once I've mixed the shades together it will work. I'm staying put with Bombshell though as it's just perfect.

I believe you can buy the palette online here for £19.95. Although, I know you can get HD Brows done properly at selected salons, which I'm contemplating doing one day.

Have you tried the palette before? Or got your brows done professionally? Why do you think us girls "need" to shade our eyebrows in?! I don't know, but I love it...


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