13 November 2011

it's poncho time.

Poncho: Vero Moda
Jeans: New Look

A whole new outfit, which makes a lovely change! The jeans were £15 from New Look - absolute steal! Very comfortable, skinny, right length... Just right for me. I seem to be getting into wearing jeans more lately. I'm not sure why - I've been a leggings and tights girl practically all through university, but this month I've bought two new pairs of jeans, so I'm all set for winter now!

This poncho is one of my best purchases for winter so far. I don't usually shop in Vero Moda, but a quick browse in there led to finding this mega comfy poncho for around £20... I can't remember how much exactly, but it's one of the cheapest knits I've found in ages, which is also probably worth more than it costs! It was full of static for the first wear - my hair turned into a big frizzball after I took it off - but after a couple of washes it's back to normal. It's got hidden sleeves in, so it fits your body, and it still keeps your shape - You don't look like you have no figure, as it not 'full', if you get what I mean? The material is light and not too thick, so it just sits on your figure nicely. A definite staple piece to my winter wardrobe.

I had to mention the little leaflet I was given by Vero Moda as well - explains everything you need to know in order to wash your clothes whilst being environment friendly. Thought this was a lovely touch - it's the first place I've been to that has done anything like this. I really hope it carries on!



Emily said...

I love this Dani! You look so snug and perfect for the weather. Poncho was a bargain too xxx

Cherry said...

That looks really nice!

Zoe said...

Such a comfy looking outfit, so cute.

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