21 November 2011

Primark glitter wedges - To Grad or not to Grad?

I've been on a serious hunt for some shoes to wear for graduation, which is on Friday! I've got my dress sorted, which you can see hereeee, so wanted some heels that would compliment the dress, look quite smart but still have a bit of 'zazz' within them.

I was searching everywhere - Irregular Choice, Topshop, Schuh, Office, Kurt Geiger... Then realised I'm jumping way too far over budget! So after a quick browse in New Look and H&M, and then decided to pop into Bristol's Primark store after work. A miracle happened!

I found these glittery wedges in Primark for £16. SIXTEEN POUNDS! I remembered seeing Caroline Flack in some gorgeous Topshop wedges, and wondered about getting a similar version for graduation. I'm so pleased I found these, especially since they're so cheap and great value for money! They're really comfortable and definitely add that so-called 'zazz' I mentioned earlier.

The black glitter isn't too extreme - it's quite subtle but still catches your eye, which I really like. I love statement shoes, and I think these scream that out whilst still being smart and sophisticated for graduation. One of my course tutors told me to go for bright pink heels, so I think these are a better toned-down version!

However, I'm starting to think whether they're a bit too high for graduation? Considering I'm 5'8 already, I'll be wearing them all day and the Vice Chancellor of my university looks pretty small in height, so I fear I will tower over him when I'm on stage! Thoughts anyone?! Should I go for these or a smaller heel?

Have you had your graduation? What did you wear? (:


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Zoe said...

I love them, Primark has some great shoes in at the moment! I dont think theyre too high at all!


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