25 November 2011

Witch's Anti-Blemish Liquid Concealer

I don't use concealer that much - some may say I'm lucky, I just think my foundation is coverage enough! After trying some of Witch's cosmetics range, including its primer and pressed powder (AMAZING products!) I was really intrigued about the liquid concealer.

When Witch opened up a Facebook page, it held a competition each week - 50 winners win a product of their choice. I entered it to try my luck at winning the concealer. It was one of those products that I was worried about spending money on. Luckily, I actually won and the concealer was mine!

I've only used it around 4 times since I got it (around a month or so ago) but if I waited any longer to get some huge mountains on my face, then it would be way too late to review it. Saying that, I'm going to wake up tomorrow with a load now... Eek. Fingers crossed not. I guess I'm blessed with good skin... The odd spot here and there, but nothing too bad, apart from redness on my cheeks.

I got the concealer in Medium, and I'm glad I did as it's just the right shade for my skin. It's very easy to apply and blend onto your skin with the brush. It hides well under your foundation so it's not noticeable. You don't need a great deal to cover any blemishes either, as it's quite thick on application.

I found that it didn't dry out my skin, because it's liquid based. I have to reapply it once during the day, but other than that it's quite long lasting. The fact that it's got Witch's anti-blemish formula in it is great too - you've covered up your blemishes, and don't have to worry about treating them either. The concealer does both jobs - perfect! I did notice that my blemishes do calm down after I've applied the concealer for a while, so I'm very happy with this. It seems Witch have done well to merge anti-blemish with make-up!

Overall, I really like the product, and because I don't have to apply it very often, I think it will last me a long time. It's a really nice, smooth product that blends well and doesn't do any harm to your skin. I wouldn't say it's my favourite Witch product, but that's probably because I don't need to use it a lot. It does exactly what it says on the tin (or tube...) and I highly recommend it. Make sure you swatch the product first though - I was very lucky about this shade, but as there are only 3 shades to choose from, you need to be sure you buy the right one for you!

You can buy Witch products from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco - the liquid concealer retails at £6.99.

Have you tried Witch's liquid concealer? Or any other products? What do you think?



Whimsical Wolf said...

I love this product so much, easily the best concealer I've ever used :) I've found it stays on most of the day even on my oily skin, which makes it a winner for me :D x

AJ@Citra Spa said...

Thank you for sharing this blog entry about Witch's anti-blemish liquid concealer. I’ve got to get cool new ideas and tips. Keep your posts coming! Will definitely read them all. ;)

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