26 December 2011

Christmas unwrapping

Jacket: Barbour
Bag: Topshop
Slipper Socks: Urban Outfitters

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I definitely did - had some great gifts from Tris, my family and friends... My main present off the parents was a Barbour jacket, which I love! I was thinking of buying one a few months ago but then forgot about it, so I was so surprised to receive one. Tris bought me a Topshop black oversize bag, which is gorgeous, and will be of great use to replace my 'Blogger' bag (the Alexander Wang Rocco replica - the zip is officially broken! Sad days). The mice slipper socks are my festive socks, also from Tris, which tease the cat - bit worried I'll take it too far and he'll rip my feet to shreds.

A few beauty products, chocolate, jewellery and a lot of cupcake-themed items also appeared! I'm not sure if the fam were trying to tell me something... but with some more silicone cupcake cases and another Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, I think I'll be in the kitchen tomorrow afternoon!!

Off to spend my gift cards in the sales tomorrow - have you attempted the sales yet?


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Emily said...

Love your jacket! I bought my boyfriend one for Christmas and it's just making me jealous that I don't have one myself! Happy new year :) xxx

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