24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Top: Being Little's blog shop
Shorts: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Fairisle socks: Topshop

IT'S CHRISTMASSSSS! EVE... You get the idea. Finally home in Kidderminster for the next week with the family - been counting down the hours and days all month for this moment, I've been looking forward to it so much!

Yes, it's rather Disney orientated! I take part responsibility...

Our mantlepiece - featuring heart decor that the mother handmade this year!

Christmas has, and will always be, a big family occasion... Christmas Day involves spending the early hours with Tris, before one of us has to leave the other to go home. Followed with some kind of greasy breakfast (NOM), more present opening, then myself and the parents are heading to my sister's house for Christmas dinner and plate presents! That's a little tradition within the Millward family - once the table is set for dinner, everyone has one extra present on the plate to open. Love our tradition - not because it's generally another present, but it's just nice to open things together as a family, see everyone's reactions etc...

Boxing Day is also another big family do, but this year we're off to my brother's house with the other family members we don't see on Christmas Day. We usually hold this at my house, but luckily we're having a break from it this year, so it will a be nice change of scenery!

What are you up to this Christmas? Hope you have a lovely one! :)


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