18 December 2011

MyStreetChic Christmas Blogger Meet

On Friday, I attended the Christmas Blogger Meet - my first ever blogger event - and it was a great night! After meeting Hayley and Sarah at Goldbrick House (a bar in Bristol) we headed to Java, where we were greeted by glasses of cocktails, a goodie bag and a slightly awkward person working on the cloakroom (it's not that difficult to realise a handbag won't stay on a coat hanger, is it?)

Anyway... as the bloggers flocked and the cocktails kept on coming, we all sat down for the Boohoo.com catwalk show. Now, I'll be honest, I've never bought anything from Boohoo or even considered buying from there. I guess none of it really suited me or was my style, so never gave it a second thought! I kept my mind open though, just in case Boohoo could win me over with some of their outfits.

Photos from MyStreetChic FB page

I did take my own photos, but they are shocking quality as I only had my little digital camera with me! Specific photographer credit is on the FB page link - I've only cropped them to fit my blog, no other editing involved! Ive picked my favourite outfits on here, but there were loads more during the show - these are the only ones that screamed my style, or were close to doing so... It was interesting to see the show either way, and see what Boohoo has to offer. I may start having a look now and again, but I doubt I'll turn into a regular buyer.

See the girl with the starry tights? That's me!
Photo by Hayley Muir on MyStreetChic FB page

After the show, cocktails kept on a-flowing, and I met some more lovely bloggers, including Steph, Leanne, Gemma, Lyzi, Ceri, Rosie and Niki. As brief and quick as some of the meetings were, they all made me feel welcome at my first meet and were all very lovely! Also have to say a big thank you to Gina from MyStreetChic too - was great to finally meet her and she (and the team) did a brilliant job hosting the event!

Me, Steph and Hayley
Photo taken by Steph
My outfit: All Primark!

A quick peek into my goodie bag... Love all the items in there!

Batiste dry shampoo, MyStreetChic lip balm, pair of tights from Tightsplease, BeautyCycle light up lipgloss, 2True nail polish, SkinKind Deep Skin Cleanser, £50 voucher for A Suit That Fits, Macadamia hair oil.
Full reviews will follow!


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xXxStundonxXx said...

It was lovely meeting you :) Such a fab event with so many amazing people there. Sorry I didn't get to speak to you much, I was a bit in awe of all the people there so didn't really talk to anyone much ! x

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