09 December 2011

Officially 23

Fossil purse from the parents

H Samuel white gold stud earrings from the boyfriend

Hummingbird Bakery cook book from the parents

Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black & Nail Polish in Disco Mix from 1 of the best friends

Sorry I've momentarily disappeared - this week has completely drained me, so I've had no time or energy to do anything on my blog.

I turned 23 on Monday, so last weekend was full of celebrations for it. The above photos are various from the weekend, what I got for my birthday (I didn't photograph everything). Including those, I got a £30 Topshop gift card, Disney's Tangled DVD, Topshop jumper (will do a separate post), Guess purse, photo album, ASOS Owl mittens (I'll post those soon!), a 'F*** off' eye mask (c/o of work!) and various other little bits and pieces. Now I've listed them, it makes me feel rather special... and slightly spoilt. I love all my presents that I got so far - had some great surprises! I'll post outfit photos at the weekend when I'm more awake to do so :)

Had friends stay over on the Saturday night and we all went out in Bath which was a great night... 5 hours sleep and the parents visited me in Bath - had a wander round, some food, did some shopping (including treating myself to some new MAC foundation - oops!)... On Monday, I had to go to work but Tris took me out for a meal in the evening at our favourite Italian restaurant, Martini. And since then, I haven't had chance to catch up on sleep! Literally, my life has been: work, food, shower, bed. That's it.

I'm off home this weekend so I'm hoping it will help me recharge and get back to normal... I'm too tired to read this back to see if it all makes sense - I hope it does!




Whimsical Wolf said...

You got some great presents, the earrings are gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Zoe said...

The earrings are super cute.
Happy late birthday!


Emily said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday! I got that Hummingbird book for my birthday this week too- can't wait to start using it! xxx

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