31 December 2011

OPI's Gone Gonzo!

Every Christmas, we have a family tradition (well, with only half the family as the other half are busy with their own families! Without going into too much detail...) of receiving 'plate pressies' during our Christmas dinner. Not only do I love this tradition because I got another present (without sounding spoilt!) but also because it's another lovely way to get the family together. We don't tend to open presents all together as a family - myself and the parents open ours in the morning, whilst my sister and my nephews open theirs at their house. Get it? So, it's really nice to have 1 extra present to open with everyone with you.

ANYWAY, my present tends to be some kind make-up or a book... This year, it was the first option! And something that I have been craving ever since I set my eyes on it.

OPI's Gone Gonzo! from The Muppets collection - Now, this is the one polish I have wanted for ages. I bought the mini set a month ago (which I will review very soon!), but I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with my Muppets-inspired make-up collection until I got my hands on this. I was incredibly happy to get it!

The nail polish is clear-based, completely jam-packed with blue and silver glitter, so you can add as much or as little as you want to your nails. It's a brilliant aqua blue colour, and unbelievably sparkly. The glitter is of different sizes too, which gives off a great colourful mixed effect.

I'm wearing this polish for New Years - haven't chosen my outfit yet, but at least my nails are sorted! I think they'll definitely add a bit of vibrant sparkle to the start of 2012! I've applied 3 coats of it, to ensure my nails are filled to the brim with glitter. Also applied a clear top coat, so I don't lose any glitter half way through the night and it doesn't chip away. Seems to be doing well so far! I honestly think this is my favourite glitter polish, but I won't be using it constantly as I want it to last forever (well... for as long as it can)!

Hope you have a fabulous New Years! I'm off for a meal with my friends then hitting the town... Nothing too special but I'm looking forward to it! What are you up to? What nails will you be sporting for NYE?



Zoe said...

Good luck for the new year!
Im not doing anything tonight but hope you have fun!

This polish is stunning.


Carina said...

Gorgeous nails! I have Revlons Facets of Fuchsia on. A glittery deep purple! <3

Clare Anne said...

Waw i love this polish, waaant! x

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