07 January 2012

Sales #3 - the cardigan

All Topshop!

This cardigan cost £15 - an absolute steal for Topshop knitwear in my opinion! You look at spending £40+ for any kind of knitwear in store, so when I spotted this item in the sale, I knew I had to snap it up fast!

I love the slight black trim around it, as it adds a bit of contrast to the deep grassy green colour. It looks quite itchy when you first look at it, but it's unbelievably comfortable and soft! Possibly the softest cardigan I own right now. It's not thick, so it'll have more outings during the spring months, or if I layer up at the moment. It's a decent length too, perfect 'jacket' length, so the bottom of the cardigan won't be flapping around as it's nicely hidden away! But it'll also add warmth to my lower back when it's cold, which I need.

All in all, a fab little cardi for less than half the price as RRP! I definitely wouldn't pay full price for it though, because I'm tight like that. Topshop knitwear is never worth £40+ in my opinion!

Did you get any gems in the Topshop sale? Do you think this year's sales have been much better than 2010-11?


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xXxStundonxXx said...

That is gorgeous, the colour is lovely.
I wouldn't pay the RRP but £15 is such a good bargain x

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