22 December 2011

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Pink Ladydragon shoes

I'm not going to go into too much detail about 'how' I got them, 'why' I did, 'when', blah blah blah... All you need to know is that I am now the proud owner of a pair of Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. NOM.

Thanks to Daniel Footwear, I received a £30 voucher to spend on a pair of shoes from the website, which included outlet and sale items. I noticed the pair I own today in the sale, but were still slightly out of my price range, as they were over £50 after the voucher discount (at this point, I had zero money). I had a month until the voucher ran out, so I held off for three weeks. Then, I had another quick browse and found my shoes EVEN CHEAPER. Including the discount and postage, I paid around £25 for them. TWENTY FIVE FLIPPIN' POUNDS!

Unfortunately though, the pair that I received were faulty...

Excuse the disgusting nail please!

The fastening on the right shoe's strap was broken - the metal backing to the stud had fallen off (and it wasn't in the box so it was broken previous to when I got my hands on them). There were no size 6s on the website, so I emailed the lovely Jennifer to help, and luckily she found the last pair! Yay!

So yes, I managed to exchange them (no thanks to the lengthy process of Yodel!) and here they are in all their beautifully crafted glory...

fixed strap - woo!

Yes, they may be slightly uncomfortable because my feet are wide. Yes, my feet will probably ache in them after an hour of wear. To be honest, I can forget all that. They're just beautiful. They're a lovely glossy baby pink colour, with skull and crossbones at the front just above the peeptoe. Very different to the general styles, which have a large coloured heart on the front instead. I'm not usually one for skull and crossbones but I do really like this one!

When opening the box, you're greeted with quite a strong bubblegum scent, which is lush. Slightly overpowering at first, but the smell does wear off after a while. It's also the kind that you can easily clean due to the material - so any dirt or marks from nights out can vanish pretty easily.

I absolutely adore these shoes. I haven't worn them properly yet... I guess I'm waiting for the right moment. However, I'm also more than happy to keep them safe and just stare at them with awe, especially since they cost a mere £25. Waste of money? I think NOT.

I love these shoes - they are like my babies... but currently stuck in a cupboard to keep safe. I sense a Christmas outing in them!

Have you shopped at Daniel Footwear before? (of which, by the way, I highly recommend! Great shoes and even better customer service!) Are you a fan of Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes?


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Anonymous said...

these are really cute vivienne westwood shoes! its sooo adorable! i want a pair!

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