30 January 2012

Bath's Vintage & Antique Fair

Yesterday I went to the Bath Vintage and Antiques Fair - a new event that happens on the last Sunday of every month. I was pretty excited about going, not just because of the clothes, but because of the variety of homewear, jewellery, decor... A huge mix of items all under one roof (I feel like singing "It's called Toys R US, Toys R Us, TOYS R US!" after that).

I wasn't disappointed when I got there, especially with the fact it was free to enter (the last 3 fairs I went to all charged me - how rude). I found myself in antique heaven and making a list in my head of all the items I wanted to buy, regardless of how much they cost. I had my eye on a couple of mirrors, some plates, a beautiful handheld mirror brooch and even an old style Winnie The Pooh poster (even though I hate Winnie The Pooh)...

I wanted that white mirror.

Classic sewing machine, and another mirror I wanted in the corner...

So many antique toys! It's called Toys R Us...

I used to have an ET teddy just like him. If it wasn't for the fact he gave me nightmares as a child, he would be mine again.

Three walk-arounds later, I picked up a few things that, in my opinion, were great value for money and arrived home a happy girl!

These two blouses cost me £5 each - BARGAIN. I know the pink Planet blouse will fit as it's a size 8, but the blue Jaeger flower number will definitely be oversized. I love the little detailing on the pink blouse with the dotted seams on the collar. I love the flower pattern on the other blouse too - adds a nice edge to the blouse with the other colours. Either way, very glad to add these into my wardrobe! Classic pieces that were cheap but practical.

I also bought this lovely teacup and saucer candle. I thought this was an amazing idea, and would look great on my shelf or fireplace when I finally get my own house (as in one I can purely decorate and own all to myself... So it'll now be stored away for a good few months!) The pattern is beautiful, and I love the contrast between the teacup and the saucer - mix and match! The candle is also scented with vanilla and smells gorgeous, but I can have any candle in there once it runs out as it's replaceable! I can't wait to try it.

What vintage/antique fair would you recommend?



marthaaaa_ said...

I awarded you with the Versatile blogger award, check it out here:


Great blog. (: x

xXxStundonxXx said...

I really want to go to an antique fair. The blouses you bought are so lovely, as is the candle teacup x

martha said...

I've just come back home from Bath, really fell in love with that place !

Jene said...

On my recent travels to Bath, i was able to hit up the Bath antique fair as well. I was amazed by all the things they had. Managed to pick up some beautiful crystal jars that I will use in my master bathroom.

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