25 January 2012

Can't go without some knitwear accessories...

Are you like me and forgot that, now Christmas is well and truly over, it’s still January? Meaning it’s actually pretty damn cold still? I made that stupid mistake during my first week back at work… I put all my chunky knitwear away, chose to leave my big faux fur coat at home, wore my less-warm, slightly smaller coat and pretty much froze my socks off during every commute. Fail.

Now? They’re all out again and gracing my presence by keeping me snuggly and warm again, and probably will stay doing so for the next month or two. I won’t be making the same mistake again!

I started looking at the accessories that I own, which isn’t actually that many. I can safely say though that they all do the job perfectly, and have made me realise that I really don’t need to stock up on some things. Maybe I’m being na├»ve? Or maybe a cheapskate? Either way, you can usually find me in these little numbers - my favourites of my winter wardrobe in accessory form…

I know many people who have an overflowing drawer full of scarves... I have two. Okay that's a lie, I have three, but these two are the ones I reach out for every day. Dependant on just how cold it is, you can either see me all snuggled up in my huge chunky Topshop snood, or toned down a bit in my beautiful Aztec-patterned scarf.

Gloves to suit any situation. Both were presents for my birthday and Christmas, so I'm all set now. I used to have a lilac pair of Topshop gloves - very simple cheap but did the job. Now, my finger-less Accessorize gloves are lovely and cosy (and go with anything thanks to the colour!), yet still allows me to use my iPhone without freezing my entire hand off. That was a big point for me, as I'm constantly attached to my phone. It makes life a lot easier. They do have mittens attached, so I can cover my fingers up if the cold got worse. As for my ASOS owl mittens, they're adorable, bright and I feel like a big kid in them (I don't know why... I guess it's because I haven't owned some mittens since I was younger.) . They're the warmest gloves I've ever worn - possibly too warm?! They're really thick so they do keep my fingers unbelievably toasty, so at least I know that they should work if I ever go on a winter holiday (to an extent...)

My pride and joy, which aren't even mine. My mum lent me these Ugg ear muffs, as she never wears them, for my long commutes to work. My first pair of ear muffs and I love them so much! They keep my ears warm, but doesn't give me a headache by the pressure points (do you ever get that? It hurts right on the side of your head when it happens!) The quality is amazing, and they come in a cute little box to keep safe! Definitely getting the wear they deserve, and making the most of them due to the cost... I'm hoping they will last forever so I don't have to replace them!

What accessories do you count on during the cold weather? Anything you constantly fall back on, or do you like to mix it up each day?


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