27 January 2012

Models Own Disco Mix

Yet about Models Own beauty – this time in the form of a mix of purple and blue glitter. A real eye opener! The real nails are slowly appearing, so the fake nails are still in tow for the time being. I got this lovely polish for my birthday, and again it’s helped me change my mind about glittery polish.

You can't take this polish for granted – the colour is so strong and vibrant! Once you’ve got 3 coats of this stuff now, your nails are ready for a night on the town, regardless if you are! I love the mix of colours – purples, blues, fuschias - all combined to create a multicoloured wave of magic.

I made sure I applied a clear top coat in order to save the glitter from wearing off on anything or being knocked off, as it feels quite rough. Unfortunately, this did wear off once, about an hour after I applied it. Stupid washing up… So I reapplied thinner layers and luckily it stayed on with no problems! The wear is pretty decent too (when applied thinner, that is) as it stayed on for a good few days before chipping.

This would be great as a top coat against a plain colour polish, either to add some contrast to another colour, or keeping it simple by wearing it over a creamy/white colour just to add a pop of colour. Maybe just adding it to one nail to keep it interesting. Time for some experimenting I reckon…



Cherry said...

I love the look of this so much!

Vickie said...

I've just brought the Emerald version of this and its amazing!
Like a disco on my nails :)

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