18 January 2012

Model's Own Nude Beige & Black Swirl (& 1 NY resolution)

A bit late in posting, but I was sporting these new nails earlier last week. As you all should know by now, I'm still an avid false nail wearer, but hopefully won't be for much longer *touch wood*! I only tend to paint my nails once... I find there's no point in taking the polish off and repainting, when the falsies will fall off the next day, or an hour later for that matter! Once the nails fall off, I make new ones and start a nice new colour.

Decided to play it safe this week with a lovely beige/nude shade (which is basically the name of it, would you believe!) on majority of my new nails. Very subtle, almost camouflaged against your hands, but catches the light really well. Exactly what it says on the tin, as they say. I then chose to have one black nail on each hand, because I wanted to get some contrast going. Maybe deep down I wanted to make sure my nails were noticed and weren't blended into my hands so much that people think all I have are finger stubs and no long nails!

I've wanted to try out the black shade, but I worried about looking a bit like a goth, so avoided it... I think it works in a minimal amount though! Maybe for an alternative to french manicures too? Something to experiment with next time! The black colour was actually quite dull on my nails. It could be from the amount of coats I applied though... It seemed to turn out a bit more matte than I expected. I'm also not sure about the 'Swirl' within its name - I didn't see much of a swirl.

Just a heads up... My new years resolution (or 1 of them at least) is to stop biting my nails. A resolution that pops up EVERY single year... So you can guess I've never fulfilled it. I'm determined to grow them this year. For a while now, I've used fake nails to help grow them, which works until they decide to break. I'm going to start being more careful about them now - application, nail care, strengthening... You name it, I'm going to do it. So much so, that I'm going to start posting weekly photos of my real nails, in aid to help me see my progress, alongside getting so embarrassed with making them public. They're a sight for sore eyes. Incredibly short. Some could say microscopic. They've been the same length all my life and, at 23 years old, I think it's about time I sort them out.

Maybe this embarrassment will help me beat this nasty habit?


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Leanne Marie said...

Love that nude colour. I too am a sufferer of nail biting.. I go through stages. for ages i'll stop and have nice long nails and then one day a nail will break.. I start to nibble... the next thing I know I am biting them all off!! :-( (currently with short nails!)

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