03 January 2012

Sales #2 - the boots

Office Newton Brogue Boots in Brown Leather

These boots deserve their own blog post, purely because of their beauty. It was pretty much love at first sight with these... As silly as that may sound! They cost £59, down from £85... Not necessarily cheap, but the fact that I had £40 left over from my birthday money, it made it all the more tempting to buy since they only cost £19 of my own money!

With a faux-sheep lining and a small heel, these brogue boots are perfect for winter/spring. They're not too heavy or thick, so they're very light to wear and don't keep your feet too warm. There's nothing worse than having sweaty feet when you're out all day!! Ew.

I love the style of them - brogue-like, up to the ankle, laced up right to the top.. They are a gentle twist to the more chunky military boot. They go with pretty much everything and are so comfortable to wear, even with the heel. My feet tend to rub on new shoes/boots, and I end up getting blisters on the back of my heel and my little toes, but so far all is well! The brown leather is also gorgeous, as they look worn and distressed - adds a bit of character to them.

These a definitely a great investment in my eyes and will hopefully keep me going for years to come.


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