11 January 2012

Sales #4 - the cord skirt

BDG Cord Button-Front Skirt
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Vest & Leggings: Topshop

Another Urban Outfitters special (god I love that store when it's sale season!), this burgundy red skirt used to cost £35, but I got it for a mere £15. It's cord, high-waisted with chunky wooden-effect buttons on the front. I've wanted a skirt like this for ages but never really got round to it, so I'm really pleased I found this bargain.

It's a great length, as it's not too short on me! It looks quite slimming too, which is also brilliant as it will help me whenever I've eaten too much. It's got an elasticated part within the back of the waistband, for easy mobility, comfort, and again, if that food baby reappears...

The colour is quite strong and vibrant, but not enough to give you a headache if you stare too long (great description....). I was contemplating buying a mustard yellow version, but that shade was borderline fluorescent. Okay, I lie, it wasn't... It was bloomin' bright though.

One downside though - the last button decided to fly off, leaving a small hole in the skirt. I sewed it up so it's good as new, but I have to be careful as it's not very wide. I momentarily forgot that you can't stretch everything...

I haven't worn anything made from cord in years - I had some beige/cream coloured cord trousers once when I was a kid. Never. Again. I think this skirt has renewed my love for it though...



Cherry said...

If I saw this in store on a hanger I would totally walk past it but it looks really great on!

Lea Dee said...

I LOVE that cardigan, have been lusting after it for so long. Looks great

fashionismyh2o said...

What a gorgeous cardigan! Total sale bargain! I can imagine it'd be really flattering - not that you need it you've got a gorgeous figure!


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