21 January 2012

Sales #6 - Zara Pleated Miniskirt

Yet another sales purchase! This time, I had a bit of a spree at Zara. I've never really bought anything from Zara before... Maybe an item here and there, but never purposely gone in store to see the new season range or anything like that. The first time I ever set foot in a Zara store was in Gran Canaria (or it could have been Lanzarote... One of the two! I was young, I can't remember) which had a lovely shopping center. It was back in the days before Zara even hit the UK (or at least hit most of the UK). I came back from my sweltering hot holiday... with a brand new winter coat. Now THAT'S dedication to fashion, even if I was only a kid. Buying for the wrong flippin' season!

Fast forwarding to 2011/12, I've found myself liking Zara more so than ever. I always considered Zara to be a little bit out of my price range, but lately they've really impressed me with the Basics range, which is both affordable, comfortable and great quality. I ended up going on the website to check out the latest cheap buys. I've been eyeing up a pleated miniskirt for months now, possibly because I see Lily wear one every so often, and it just makes me like "ohhh I WANT ONE." Never got round to buying one though as I couldn't justify spending a lot of money on one, but I found the skirt I've wanted for under £20, so I snapped it up sharpish.

Sorry but how smart is the packaging?! You don't see this everyday for deliveries. No plastic bags for Zara - more brownie points to them.

£19.99 Pleated Miniskirt

The material is lovely, as it feels almost like silk. Very lightweight, soft and floaty. I'm also surprised how the pleats stay in place all day. Whether they stay in place after being washed, I don't know... I hope so as ironing it will be a mission. It's a good length on me too, so I could get away with wearing tights with it (only on days without any wind though, as that would be pretty embarrassing). It sits perfectly on my hips, but doesn't stick out and give me a weird-looking figure. It's pretty slimming and doesn't make my hips look wider than usual.

This skirt is going to be put to great use - very happy with it and reckon it'll stay in my wardrobe for a long time to come now!



Jess said...

Such a cute skirt! To keep the pleats in when washing just gather the skirt vertically so all the pleats are straight, put it into the leg of your stockings and wash then take it out to dry. I've done this with my pleated dresses and they stay in perfectly. :) x

Dani Johanna Millward said...

That's a brilliant tip, will keep that in mind - thanks! :) x

xXxStundonxXx said...

This is a lovely skirt and not a bad price. I love that you were a dedicated fashionista in your childhood ha! x

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