05 January 2012

Sure Women Maximum Protection 48h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Potentially the most random skin care post ever... but I just had to share this product with you all! A necessity for any girl's skin care regime - the antiperspirant/deodorant. I don't know about you, but it's difficult to find the perfect product that works for you. I've used Sanex spray for ages, but still didn't work 100% for me. I think I've finally found the right product though... Sure's Maximum Protection 48h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.

The packaging says it's "an advanced formula specifically designed to provide scientifically proven wetness protection for men and women who need the very best." I can honestly say that I agree with this statement!

I tend to click it twice for application at night, and then 1 click first thing in the morning to freshen it up. The point of this is because the product starts working overnight, almost creating a shield so you don't sweat the next day. Your sweat glands are less active at night, so it gives the product chance to build strong protection for the day ahead. That was exactly the case for - absolutely nothing happened for me, even after my lengthy travels to and from work every day (and I usually get very hot when I'm walking), so this was like a dream.

It lasted literally all day, and there's no irritation. My underarms can be sensitive so I'm very impressed that I've had no reaction to this. It also dries very quickly on application. The smell is really nice and fresh - not too strong at all, it's just a subtle, fresh, clean (well obviously...) scent, as if you've just got out the shower. It claims to last for 48 hours - I can't say that I've tested this out, but it definitely works for at least 24 hours.

The only things I would say is that it dries into a powder, so your underarms do go a bit white. Avoid putting a black vest on the second after you've applied it - wait for it to dry completely first! Also, when it was started to run out, it started leaking at the bottom. Very annoying as the product then goes all over your hands - I had to result in wrapping tissue around it, along with placing it in a bag after use so the product wouldn't go all over the shelf. It may have just been a faulty one though, as I've heard that it hasn't happened to some other people (including the mother and sister!) so it was probably just my bad luck.

It's quite expensive to buy - £5.30 from Boots! - but lasts a few months until you have to repurchase it, which I definitely will be. I honestly think it's worth the money, because it works so damn well! I have seen such a massive difference since using Sure rather than any other brand. Highly recommend!

Have you tried this product before? What do you recommend?



Jess M said...

Hello!! Love this random post! Just a quick question - how long have you been using it for? Because I used a 48hr deodorant once by Mitchum and though it was excellent in that I stayed dry (not one but of sweat - I used it all summer!) after a while I started to have irritation and then reaction. When spoke to dr they said that was because the deodorants block sweat glands and then irritation occurs. However if sure doesn't do this then I'll give it a go!! Currently using Dove Go Fresh and that's really good though says 48hr and prob actually only lasts 12-18 hours xxx

Dani Johanna said...

I've been using it for 4 months now and all is good for me so far! I'll update if there are any changes though :) x

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff! Would not use another product!

However... Not sure if it's the way I twist it but EVERY one I have bought has leaked at the bottom, it hasn't happened to my mum or sister . Was glad to see it has actually happened to someone as well as me! Lol x x

Anonymous said...

Product is great, but leaking is annoying. I finished two sure deodorants and one dove and all of these were leaking, so I had to change it for something else.

Anonymous said...

Mine have all leaked as well. I can see the liquid moving in the base. It works so well I hope they sort out the leaking then it would be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I think the product is amazing, and is far superior to any deodorant I have used in the past. However the packaging design is over complicated and results in a lot of the cream remaining in the container. This is very annoying as it is on the expensive side.

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