09 January 2012

theBalm's Limited Edition The Muppets Show Cast Your Shadow face palette

Yes, that's right, I'm the proud owner of theBalm's limited edition eyeshadow palette called Cast Your Shadow - dedicated to The Muppets Show! If you know me at all, follow me on Twitter etc, you may have noticed that I am a little bit obsessed with The Muppets. Okay, that's a lie. A LOT OBSESSED. So, naturally, when I found out that the American based cosmetics company decided to sell these palettes, I jumped at the chance... Even though it cost me A LOT of money. I can't remember how much exactly, but it was definitely more than £50 at the end of it! Some may think I'm mad... and I think I was at the time.

I absolutely adore this palette - so many colours to choose from, all named with references to characters, phrases... So cute. Not only does it hold eyeshadows, but it offers three lip and cheek creamy shades too, which is great. Very vibrant and striking! The eyeshadows are also great, in particular when applied with a wet brush. Some shades don't show up very well when dry, but I guess they would work for a subtle day time look.

It also has a cute little mirror and eyeshadow/lip brush so you can apply it wherever you go... although the palette itself is quite big so won't be that useful if you have a small handbag!

Pictured in order of palette rows
Top row - dry application, bottom row - wet application

I tried my hardest to get some swatches but they didn't turn out very well. You can tell on some that the wet application is a lot stronger than dry. The darker shades do appear very well on your skin, but in the fourth photo, you can see that the lighter colours desperately need a helping hand to get any kind of pigmentation going on!

In this case, maybe spending all that money wasn't so wise... But I don't care. It's a flippin' Muppets palette and I love it!

Do you have this palette? Or own anything from theBalm?


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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be put off by some of the lighter shades, they will make great subtle highlights and be even better in the summer with a tan!

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