17 February 2012

fly away, fly away

excuse the facial expression - psycho much?
Shirt: Vintage stall (by Jaeger)
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Boots: Office

This was what I wore on Tuesday when I went to Sheffield Hallam University to chat to the final year journos... and basically make a fool of myself in front of god knows how many of them in a big lecture theatre. Apart from that part, I absolutely loved my visit to the Steel city and fingers crossed I can visit again! It was one of my favourite modules, so getting the chance to help out and see what this year's students are doing for it is actually pretty exciting! I sound a bit like a loser now don't I? I don't care. It's all about blogging, and I love it.



Courtney said...

Love that blouse, gorgeous look!

I'm running a giveaway for a Clarisonic on my blog and I'd love for you to check it out! You can gain up to 10 entries! x

Sue Beckingham said...

For the record, Dani you gave a brilliant talk at Sheffield Hallam on Tuesday that was both professional and inspirational. Well done! The outfit was fab too!

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