14 February 2012

It's Valentines Day..?


I'm celebrating it by visiting Sheffield and talking to the Journalism final years about work, social media, etc etc... I think I'll treat myself to a Fancie cupcake whilst I'm there - the only way to celebrate Valentines on your own in the steel city! I do like Valentines Day... I know it's overly commercialised and just an extra day to spend money you don't have on your loved one and act more in love than you usually do, but I like it. No doubt about it, I like being a bit spoilt and 'lovey dovey'. What girl doesn't?! Oh well, bring on next week!

I've had such a manic weekend, and it hasn't subsided yet. I've moved into my beautiful new flat in Bristol and will officially be back there on Wednesday. Exciting! My new flatmate also seems really nice, so all's good! The flat is definitely nothing compared to student living. I feel like I've hit the jackpot in all honesty - I finally feel like a 'young professional'.

Oh how I long for a weekend where I can literally sit down on the sofa, eat chocolate and not give two hoots about anything. No plans. No thoughts. Just a nice calm, chilled out two days. Dream on...

Talking of no plans... I'm off to catch my train and finish my presentation for uni. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute. It literally feels like I'm back at university with an assignment that you don't touch until 12 hours before deadline. Eeeeek.


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dan said...

Hope it went well! xx

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