06 February 2012

Karl 4 ELLE

Images via magxone.com and Elle UK

I've broken my curse of the magazine abandonment, and decided to purchase a couple of glossys during the last couple of weeks. First one was Company's new issue with Alexa Chung gracing the cover. Since their new design, I've taken a strong liking to Company. I've never been too fussed about that magazine, but I actually really enjoyed reading it from cover to cover - including the features on blogger fashion!

Also bought ELLE's March issue... I haven't bought ELLE in months. Literally. I feel like I've cheated them. Anyway, I bought the issue with Karl Lagerfeld, without realising that the cover star was meant to be Alexa Chung. Again.

I must ask: why? Suddenly, Alexa is everywhere. Don't get me wrong, I'm very fond of her and her style... But Alexa on two magazine covers at the moment is a bit much. Am I on my own on this one? I like variety for cover stars.

ANYWAY - the main point of the post is to generally talk about Lagerfeld's cover. I was so confused when I found out he wasn't the main cover star this month. Low and behold though, this one is a 'special' cover, and I'm pretty damn pleased I bought it. The legend that he is, it makes a fantastic change to seeing someone who actually makes a big difference to the fashion world, rather than someone gorgeous, airbrushed and who just wears the clothes nicely. The cover itself I really like - so much so that I'm tempted to create some kind of wall decor/collage thing with covers. The idea is there, but I need to make it bigger and better! It's a shame to just keep them hidden away or throw them in the recycling bin, don't you think?

Do you do anything special with magazine covers? Or magazines in general? What do you think of the cover stars recently?


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