02 February 2012

oh hai 'Versatile Blogger Award'

So I've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. Twice. Victory dance! Thanks to Martha and Chloe for mentioning me in their top 10/15s. I noticed my first award last week but completely forgot about it, but when the second one came in, I thought it was probably best to do this post! Don't worry though, I'm only doing it the once!

Never heard of this award before, but apparently I have to list 7 interesting things about myself and then list some of my favourite bloggers. So here we go...

1. I write about technology for a living. Use an app on your phone? I (try to) write about how they're made. I wish I could write about fashion apps - perfect combo.
2. On Graduation day, I tripped up whilst walking up the steps into Sheffield City Hall. I had to trip up somewhere; I'm just thankful it was before the ceremony and not during.
3. If I'm not drinking water, I'm drinking full blackcurrant Ribena. I hate other types of juice. I also have a rather particular palette when it comes to water. I'm an Evian girl, and I HATE Volvic.
4. My first pet, Rosie the rabbit, was 'kidnapped' and eaten by a fox. True story. It was a horrible day.
5. I never pretend to know something that I actually know nothing about. I usually get found out otherwise... and in the career I'm in, that's a pretty dangerous and embarrassing thing to happen to you.
6. I prefer Elle to Vogue.
7. I was nominated the 'Best Dressed' award in my Sixth Form award ceremony. I didn't win, but the nomination was good enough for me! I did, however, win 'Most Changed'. Most changed into what is a question that was never answered.

And in no particular order, the bloggers...

1. Leanne Marie
2. A Slice of My Life
3. Emily Charlotte
4. Ceriselle
5. Good Golly Miss Hollie
6. Stephanie Dreams
7. Being Little
8. Blonde Honey
9. Flying Saucer
10. Blue October



xXxStundonxXx said...

Thank you so much :) So sad about your rabbit :( xx

Emily said...

Thanks for the mention Dani :)
Also totally agree about Volvic- how do they make it taste so gross?!?!xxx

Kat said...

Thanks Dani :)
I'm with you and Emily on Volvic - does anyone actually like it?! Evian all the way! x

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