09 February 2012

Palmer's Daily Calming Facial Lotion

In October, I reviewed the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula (Fragrance Free) lotion, which wasn’t a very good one in all honesty. I was very disappointed, as I’ve heard great things about the brand, but no luck for me. However, I didn’t want to be put off trying other products by Palmers. They have a new ‘formula’ designed more for sensitive skin, so I was really intrigued to see if it had a similar effect on my skin. The first product I tried was the Daily Calming Facial Lotion*.

On first try, I wasn’t too sure about it. As mentioned in my previous review, the smell of chocolate was way too overpowering for me. I noticed that the facial lotion also had a hint of chocolate in it, but it definitely wasn’t as strong. Maybe it was because it was applied to my whole body last time… The less, the better.

I used the lotion at night after cleansing, because I didn’t want to change my morning routine. That wasn’t the only reason though. Since it smelt like chocolate, I figured I could apply it at night and then it would be washed off in the morning. The smell did fade after a bit so it was calmer than the body lotion – more tolerable. It sinks into your skin really well too - it's quite a thick consistency, but glides on smoothly. It doesn't feel oily afterwards either, as some creams do and leaves a weird glossy finish. This definitely doesn't do that. You also don't need a lot of product in one go either - it spreads very easily. I'd say I use as much as a double sized tic tac? Random, I know, but it's the only way I could think to explain it!

It did help moisturise my skin, making it feel more soft and smooth after cleansing. It didn’t completely rehydrate my skin, compared to the products I use in the morning, but since it was nighttime, I wasn’t too fussed. It didn’t make my skin go red, blotchy or irritated. That was something I was very worried about due to previous experience, but I needn’t have worried!

This has become a general part in my skincare routine now, and I can safely say that it is a very good product. I definitely advise you to use it at night, because you don't have a chocolate smell on your face all day! It's a tiny bit pricey at £5.95, but it has lasted me a long time (well, since October and still going) so it is worth it. It's also recommended for sensitive skin, so the new formula is definitely a lot better than before!

Have you tried any of Palmer's products before? What do you think? What face lotion/cream do you recommend?


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Obagi Nu-Derm Clear 3 said...

Looks like a great product. Thanks for introducing this.

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