01 February 2012

Photoblog: January 2012

A new series of posts I've decided to do :) I always love looking at weekly photo posts, but I never take enough (or, in fact, do activities enough) to fill an entire blog post for one week. Is my life really that boring?! Anyway, I thought doing it monthly was a nice little compromise and a way to keep some memories intact! Funnily enough, most of the photos are of food... I swear I've done more this month other than stuffing my face.

1. Possibly the best chocolate truffles I've ever tasted. Leonidas is a brand I discovered in Schiphol airport in Holland - quite expensive but so delicious. My favourites are the champagne truffles (the white ones in the box!) Also found out that the company has opened a shop in Bath, so my obsession will be easily fulfilled from now on!

2. Ordered some Facebook cards from MOO. Not overly impressed by the quality - the photos are really blurry. However, 50 cards for free isn't all bad, so I can't complain. They'll do for emergencies.

3. Tris took me out for dinner one night to the Marlborough Tavern in Bath. Gorgeous place and food! The chocolate mousse was insanely good... and looked much better than it does in the photo!

4. Featured on hellocotton on its Beauty page :) made my day!

5. Lasagne. My favourite food, which I finally made after 3 months of moving... Must admit, I'm pretty damn good at making lasagne. The fact that Tris doesn't like lasagne meant more for me too!

6. Told you I'd share my awfully short nails with you. The embarrassment is now complete and I can now go on to growing them. They have grown quite a lot since taking that photo, so I'll do an update soon (: Quite proud how it's going but still a long way to go!

7. Enjoyed a day out with Tris visiting the vintage and antique fair, followed by mint hot chocolate (minus the cream as I already ate it...) and cake at a cute little cafe we discovered in Bath. Nom.



jennifer june said...

That cake looks lush! Reminds me of my nanas home made cakes with creamy icing and jam :) xxx

Coco's Pearls said...

I have short nails too due to my bad habit of picking them! I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award too :) xx

xXxStundonxXx said...

I love that you're now doing these posts, I love nosing at people's lives!

Those chocolate truffles look soooo good, I need to try them! x

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