28 March 2012

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Lip Protectant

Now I'm half way through my work event, I can pretty much guarantee that my lips will be very sore, dry and chapped. Stupid air conditioning. Last time we had an event (it was my first one) I completely forgot to bring any lip balm with me. After the first day, the top of my lip went bright red and cracked - it was like I had drawn on lipliner just on the top, and then sucked all the moisture out of it so it was red raw. It was horrendous. I'm never making that mistake again... Which brings me to this review of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Lip Protectant.

I was recommended this by the mother (oh how she knows her stuff!) and I really haven't looked back since. I never go anywhere without it - it's my go-to product and I use it everyday to make sure my lips are hydrated and soft.

The packaging is adorable - I think it was a limited edition style, but I bought it online (slightly cheaper than the original brand packaging!) so I guess that's why I managed to get it. Reminds me of hippies/60s era (not that I was born then, but you get what I mean)!

The product itself doesn't last very long on your lips. I do find myself having to reapply quite often. I don't mind this too much though as I like to make sure that it's working, which it does! It moisturises my lips and ensures that the air con stays well away from them! The balm is very soothing - if my lips do start getting sore, this doesn't irritate or sting when applied, like some products do. I know some people say that if you can feel it, then it's working... but with this product, you don't feel a thing, but it does work (so definitely a better choice). It's also got SPF15, which will be great during the summer days!

You can buy it from Feel Unique for around £17 (the going rate if you bought it at a counter)... I think I only paid around £10 for mine though from Cheap Smells. It's not available on that website anymore though, so it might have been part of a sale... You might be able to find it cheap elsewhere!


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