06 March 2012

GOSH Early Green & Miss Minty

GOSH Early Green* and GOSH Miss Minty*

I can't say I've ever bought anything from GOSH Cosmetics before. I guess the price range put me off the nail polish slightly, and I just wasn't fussed with trying it out. After being sent a range of products by Superdrug's PR, thanks to their beauty evening failure, I've really changed my mind on the brand - I'm definitely won over by those two shades.

I only needed to apply a couple of coats of this to get the optimum colours - very vibrant, glossy and eye-catching. I personally prefer the mint green shade - pastel mint/turquoise and very light, right on trend for the season. I absolutely love the pastel shades, especially clashing them together. As for Early Green, it's a brilliantly strong lime green and is great to either add contrast or a splash of colour against what could be a dull outfit.

Both were very easy to apply and, as said before, only needed a couple of coats - very impressive when a lot of polishes need 3 coats to get the right colour.

For £4.99, the price isn't all that bad for the quality. The colours are great, they don't chip off and they're very easy to apply either over a base coat or even straight on your nails. I could possibly be a GOSH convert now...

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Clare Anne said...

LOVE Early Green, the colour is so nice :) I've never brought anything from GOSH either, may pay more attention next time I'm in Superdrug though!


Jess said...

OOOOOOHHH! Sexy nails indeed, really like the green one :)



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