16 March 2012

Japonesque Make-up Brushes

I used to be awful with make-up brushes. Seriously. I owned a few but never really used them before. It’s only been since I started blogging that I’ve realised just how important they can be to apply make-up, and I haven’t looked back since.

A new range of make-up brushes has hit the high street called Japonesque, that claims to create the "most versatile, innovative and distinctive make-up brushes and beauty accessories in the industry."

Powder Brush - £29.25

The first few tries at the brushes were very positive. I loved how the powder brush had a large surface area, so the powder spreads a lot more than usual without having to add more product to do so. However, after a while, I’ve noticed that the powder brush has become very rough and itchy on my skin. It almost feels prickly, and irritates my skin. At the cost of around £30, I would expect it to last a bit longer before it started feeling like this. I did wash it though and it seems to be completely fine now, so maybe I just needed to ‘prepare’ it before use? I’m just glad that it’s stopped irritating my skin so much and I can start to enjoy using it. It's meant to be a travel version, which I get for the length of the handle, but it's still a bit too big to fit into a small clutch bag or anything like that!

Brow/Lash Comb - £9.75

The brow/lash comb is something I won’t use very often, but is very useful to have (especially since I've recently misplaced my last one somehow). The bristles are quite terrifying – look how long they are! My brows are only small… It does the job, but whether I would pay £10 for it is a different matter. The lash comb will be great to get rid of any clumps, without using the mascara brush and generally putting more product in!

Angled Eyeliner Brush - £12.75

The angled eyeliner brush is possibly my favourite brush out of the bunch. I’ve always been a pencil eyeliner girl, simply because I could never use liquid liner or brushes very well. It would literally go across my face. I’ve since started to use gel liner more frequently, and this brush is brilliant to apply it with. You don’t need much product and it just glides across the edge of your eyelid so easily because it's tapered. It feels gentle on your skin and it keeps its shape – I’ve noticed some cheaper brushes do clump together so it’s harder to get the desired effect.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with Japonesque. The price tag is a bit harsh for some of the brushes, but then again, I can see these brushes lasting a very long time as long as they’re looked after.


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jennifer june said...

I really like the look of angled brushes! I would love to use dark eye shadow to line my eyes and I think this is the type of brush I need to do it!xxx

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